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This utility will search the www.his.com access logs and summarize the accesses to your personal web pages. The results will be sent to you by email.

Note: This utility extracts data from www.his.com logs only; if you are a virtual server customer, you have your own webstats area (contact support@his.com for more information).

Note: This utility extracts raw log data for your site so you can analyze it with a web log analyzer on your own computer. You can get a copy of Analog for Windows 95/98/NT, Mac, UNIX/Linux, or OS/2.

If your page is listed at http://www.his.com/userpages.html, we'll run Analog daily for you so you'll have full access stats without having to download the raw data. If you're not already listed, write to support@his.com and ask us to add your site.