Holmes Smith


Holmes Smith Rose Greenleaf Eliot William Greenleaf Eliot William Greenleaf Eliot Margaret Greenleaf Dawes Abigail Adams Cranch Judge William Cranch Nancy Greenleaf Abigail Eliot Smith


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Rose Greenleaf Eliot 05 Feb 1862  Abigail Eliot Smith


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 09 May 1863 Keighley England
Death 01 Jun 1937 St. Louis USA




Educated at the Trade and Grammar School of Keighley, England, and at
Royal College of Science, South Kensington, London. Cam to America in
1884 (naturalized 1896) as instructor in drawing in the kCollege and
Polytechnic School of Washington University, St. Louis; became
Assistant Professor, and in 1907 Professor of Drawing and the History
of Art; Professor of History of Art, 1930-1933; Professor Emeritus from
1933 to 1937.
From s1892 to 1895, he was Acting Director of the School and Museum
of Fine Arts of Washington University. Secretary of the kFaculty
(1899-1909) Washington University; honorary degree of Master of Arts,
Washington University, 1907; honorary degree of Doctor of Fine Artss,
University of Nebraska, 1928.
Painter in water colors. President of St. Louis Artists' Guild,
1911-1912; President of Society of Western Artists, 1901-1904;
President of College Art Association, 1912-1913; honorary member of
St. Louis Chapter of American Institute of Architects. Member, Federal
Council on Art Education, 1925l-1930; Vice-President, 1926-1930.
At the time of his death he was engaged in writing a history of
Washington University, which remains unfinished.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Rose Greenleaf EliotWife05 Feb 1862St. Louis, MO, USA14 Feb 1936St. Louis, MO, USA
Abigail Eliot SmithDaughter13 Feb 1900St. Louis, MO, USA04 May 1984Lexington, MA, USA
Abigail Adams CranchMother-in-law20 Feb 1817Alexandria, VA, USA20 Oct 1908St. Louis, MO, USA
William Greenleaf EliotFather-in-law05 Aug 1811New Bedford, MA, USA23 Jan 1887Pass Christian, MO, USA
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
John EliotBrother-in-law06 Jan 186013 Jan 1862
Edward Cranch EliotBrother-in-law03 Jul 1858St. Louis, MO, USA02 Apr 1928Webster Groves, MO, USA
William Smith EliotBrother-in-law05 Feb 185706 Aug 1857
Christopher Rhodes EliotBrother-in-law20 Jan 1856St. Louis, MO, USA20 Jun 1945Cambridge, MA, USA
Sarah Glasgow EliotSister-in-law08 Feb 185308 Feb 1853
Frank Andrew EliotBrother-in-law28 Feb 185118 Jan 1857
Margaret Dawes EliotSister-in-law25 Jul 184909 Oct 1858
Abby Adams EliotSister-in-law17 Dec 184720 Feb 1864
Elizabeth Cranch EliotSister-in-law07 Dec 184516 Dec 1845
Henry Ware EliotBrother-in-law25 Nov 1843St. Louis, MO, USA07 Jan 1919St. Louis, MO, USA
Thomas Lamb EliotBrother-in-law13 Oct 1841St. Louis, MO, USA26 Apr 1936Portland, OR, USA
William Cranch EliotBrother-in-law26 Nov 1839St. Louis, MO, USA24 Nov 1841
Mary Rhodes EliotSister-in-law11 May 1838St. Louis, MO, USA06 Jan 1855
Nephews & Nieces
John Greenleaf EliotNephew-in-law06 Oct 1902St. Louis, MO, USA03 Nov 1972Berkeley, CA, USA
William Cranch EliotNephew-in-law04 Mar 1895St. Louis, MO, USA25 Apr 1959Phoenix, AZ, USA
Abigail Adams EliotNiece-in-law09 Oct 1892Boston, MA, USA
Martha May EliotNiece-in-law07 Apr 1891Dorchester, Boston, MA, USA14 Feb 1978Cambridge, MA, USA
Frederick May EliotNephew-in-law15 Sep 1889Dorchester, Boston, MA, USA17 Feb 1958New York, New York, UK
Thomas Dawes EliotNephew-in-law19 Jun 1889Portland, OR, USA09 Jan 1973Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Alice EliotNiece-in-law16 Jun 1889St. Louis, MO, USA01 Mar 1967Webster Groves, MO, USA
Thomas Stearns EliotNephew-in-law26 Sep 1888St. Louis, MO, USA04 Jan 1965London, England, UK
Frank Munroe EliotNephew-in-law25 Dec 1886St. Louis, MO, USA26 Jan 1964North Marshfield, MA, USA
Theodora Sterling EliotNiece-in-law25 Jul 1885St. Louis, MO, USA05 Dec 1886St. Louis, MO, USA
Edward Munroe EliotNephew-in-law15 Jan 1885St. Louis, MA, USA26 Aug 1953Detroit, MI, USA
Samuel Ely EliotNephew-in-law22 May 1882Portland, OR, USA19 Jan 1976Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Henrietta Mack EliotNiece-in-law17 Dec 1879Portland, OR, USA10 Dec 1978Portland, OR, USA
Henry Ware Eliot Jr.Nephew-in-law07 Dec 1879St. Louis, MO, USA05 May 1947Cambridge, MA, USA
Marian Cushing EliotNiece-in-law25 Jul 1877St. Louis, MO, USA28 Apr 1963Watertown, MA, USA
Grace Cranch EliotNiece-in-law13 Sep 1875Portland, OR, USA26 Oct 1973Portland, OR, USA
Charlotte EliotNiece-in-law29 Oct 1874St. Louis, MO, USA22 Aug 1926Boston, MA, USA
Ellen Smith EliotNiece-in-law20 Feb 1873Portland, OR, USA16 May 1971San Rafael, CA, USA
Margaret Dawes EliotNiece-in-law02 Dec 1871St. Louis, MO, USA10 Jun 1956Cambridge, MA, USA
Dorothea Dix EliotNiece-in-law14 Feb 1871Portland, OR, USA04 Dec 1957Oakland, CA, USA
Ada EliotNiece-in-law30 Sep 1869St. Louis, MO, USA02 Oct 1943Cambridge, MA, USA
Mary Ely EliotNiece-in-law22 Sep 1868Portland, OR, USA21 Apr 1878Portland, OR, USA
William Greenleaf Eliot Jr.Nephew-in-law13 Oct 1866St. Louis, MO, USA08 Jun 1956Portland, OR, USA
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Ruth Dawes EliotGrandniece-in-law21 Oct 1945Evanston, IL, USA
Margaret Albert EliotGrandniece-in-law27 Jun 1934Berkeley, CA, USA
Christopher Rhodes Eliot IIGrandnephew-in-law08 Dec 1933New York, NY, USA21 Aug 1978Cambridge, MA, USA
Graydon Munroe EliotGrandnephew-in-law20 May 1933Berkeley, CA, USA
John Greenleaf Eliot Jr.Grandnephew-in-law10 Oct 1931Berkeley, CA, USA
Richard EliotGrandnephew-in-law25 Feb 1931New York, NY, USA
Elizabeth Greenleaf EliotGrandniece-in-law16 Oct 1928St. Louis, MO, USA
Rosemary Anna Henrietta Greenleaf EliotGrandniece-in-law28 Aug 1926Evanston, IL, USA
Edward Cranch Eliot IIGrandnephew-in-law02 May 1926Detroit, MI, USA
Alice Munroe EliotGrandniece-in-law05 Feb 1925St. Louis, MO, USA
Mary Caroline EliotGrandniece-in-law01 Sep 1923Washington, DC, USA
Geraldine Grace EliotGrandniece-in-law23 Jul 1923St. Louis, MO, USA
Johan Wijnbladh EliotGrandnephew-in-law10 Jul 1921Evanston, IL, USA
Thomas Lamb Eliot IIGrandnephew-in-law07 Jan 1920Evanston, IL, USA13 Feb 1999Silver Spring, MD, USA
Charles Landon Martin IIGrandnephew-in-law16 Sep 1918Webster Groves, MO, USA
Peter Chardon ScottGrandnephew-in-law09 Sep 1917Portland, OR, USA12 May 1934Larch Mountain, Multnomah Falls, OR, USA
Leonard Eliot MartinGrandnephew-in-law22 Aug 1917Webster Groves, MO, USA31 Aug 1980Kirkwood, MO, USA
Nancy Greenleaf MartinGrandniece-in-law18 Mar 1916Webster Groves, MO, USA
Thomas Greenleaf EliotGrandnephew-in-law02 Nov 1915Berkeley, CA, USA11 Jan 1919Washington, DC, USA
Thomas Lamb Eliot WilburGrandnephew-in-law09 Nov 1912Berkeley, CA, USA15 Oct 1932Pomona College, Claremont, CA, USA
Janet Hobart WeilGrandniece-in-law28 Oct 1912Bellingham, WA, USA06 Oct 1981San Rafael, CA, USA
Abigail Adams ScottGrandniece-in-law09 Feb 1912Portland, OR, USA27 Aug 1979
Charlotte Stearns SmithGrandniece-in-law15 Jun 1911Brookline, MA, USA
Mather Greenleaf EliotGrandnephew-in-law12 Jan 1911Berkeley, CA, USA
Richard Cranch ScottGrandnephew-in-law01 Jun 1910Portland, OR, USA22 Dec 1987San Diego, CA, USA
Henry Eliot ScottGrandnephew-in-law26 Feb 1909Grants Pass, OR, USA
Frank Tuttle WeilGrandnephew-in-law11 Oct 1908Bellingham, WA, USA18 Apr 1923Quincy, MA, USA
Elizabeth Fuller WilburGrandniece-in-law27 Aug 1907Portland, OR, USA17 Dec 1987Berkeley, CA, USA
Thomas Eliot WeilGrandnephew-in-law23 Jun 1906Chicago, IL, USA
Theodora Eliot SmithGrandniece-in-law25 Jul 1904Dedham, MA, USA
William Eliot WilburGrandnephew-in-law30 Sep 1902Meadville, PA, USA23 Oct 1902Meadville, PA, USA
Theodore Sessinghaus EliotGrandnephew-in-law24 May 1900Milwaukee, WI, USA16 Sep 1976Denver, CO, USA
Ruth Kayser EliotGrandniece-in-law19 May 1899Milwaukee, WI, USA
William Greenleaf Eliot 3dGrandnephew-in-law15 Oct 1897Milwaukee, WI, USA23 Aug 1990Washington, DC, USA
Clara EliotGrandniece-in-law02 Jan 1896San Francisco, CA, USA17 Jan 1976Palo Alto, CA, USA
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