Mary Smith


Mary Smith Richard Cranch Judge William Cranch


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Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Richard Cranch 26 Oct 1726  Judge William Cranch


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth ABT 19 Dec 1741 Weymouth USA




A chest passed down from mother to daughter for more than 200
years turned out to be a very, very valuable famly heirloom when it fetched
$1.45 million at auction.

The high chest is believed to be a gift from John Adams, the nation's
second president, to his sister-in-law, Mary Cranch, in gratitude for looking
after his house while he and his wife were staying in England. Adams bought
two of the chests in 1788 and gave the other to his wife.

A pair of sisters, who asked not to be identified, said they learned by
accident how valuable the chest was when one of them attended a museum
lecture on early American furniture.

"We would have up and sold it for $100," said one of the sisters, who
lives in McMinnville.

In fact, the Oregon woman didn't have room for it at her house, so she
had shipped it to her sister, who lives in another state, insuring it for only

In addition to its famous heritage, the chest turned out to be a rare
example of an early American furniture style called "japanning." During the
17th and 18th centuries, lacquered furniture imported from China and
Japan became so popular that American craftsmen began imitating the
work, according to experts at the Sotheby's auction ouse in New York.

The high chests made in Boston during the early 18th century are not
only rare, they are some of the most interesting works ever produced by
American craftsmen, Soptheby's catalog declared in its description of the

The auction houose said it is only the sixth chest in the William and
Mary style still known to exist. The other five long have been on display in

But the Oregon woman's chest, which she inherited from her parents,
may be the best preserved of them all, still retaining many of the delicate
colors used in the lacquer work.

The sisters originally tried to give the chest away, to the White House,
the State Department and the J. Paul Getty Museum but they all refused it.
Eventually, they agreed to auction it off.

The antique, which Sotheby's valued at $700,000 to $900,000, was
bought by the Chipstone Foundation, which operates a private museum in

"I said, 'I'm in shock,' I kept saying, 'I can't believe it. I can't believe
own something that valuable,'" the Oregon woman said. "It's just like manna
from heaven."

The sisters have established living trusts that will let them live off the
interest from the sale and give the principal to charity upon their

From the Oregonian, 26 November, 1999



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Richard CranchPartner or Husband26 Oct 1726Kingsbridge, England
Judge William CranchSon17 Jul 1769Weymouth, MA, USA01 Sep 1855Washington, DC, USA
Margaret Dawes CranchGranddaughter18191895
Abigail Adams CranchGranddaughter20 Feb 1817Alexandria, VA, USA20 Oct 1908St. Louis, MO, USA
Christopher Pearse CranchGrandson18131892
John CranchGrandson18071891
Elizabeth E CranchGranddaughter18051860
Great grandchildren
Rose Greenleaf EliotGreat granddaughter05 Feb 1862St. Louis, MO, USA14 Feb 1936St. Louis, MO, USA
John EliotGreat grandson06 Jan 186013 Jan 1862
Edward Cranch EliotGreat grandson03 Jul 1858St. Louis, MO, USA02 Apr 1928Webster Groves, MO, USA
William Smith EliotGreat grandson05 Feb 185706 Aug 1857
Christopher Rhodes EliotGreat grandson20 Jan 1856St. Louis, MO, USA20 Jun 1945Cambridge, MA, USA
Sarah Glasgow EliotGreat granddaughter08 Feb 185308 Feb 1853
Frank Andrew EliotGreat grandson28 Feb 185118 Jan 1857
Margaret Dawes EliotGreat granddaughter25 Jul 184909 Oct 1858
Abby Adams EliotGreat granddaughter17 Dec 184720 Feb 1864
Elizabeth Cranch EliotGreat granddaughter07 Dec 184516 Dec 1845
Henry Ware EliotGreat grandson25 Nov 1843St. Louis, MO, USA07 Jan 1919St. Louis, MO, USA
Thomas Lamb EliotGreat grandson13 Oct 1841St. Louis, MO, USA26 Apr 1936Portland, OR, USA
William Cranch EliotGreat grandson26 Nov 1839St. Louis, MO, USA24 Nov 1841
Mary Rhodes EliotGreat granddaughter11 May 1838St. Louis, MO, USA06 Jan 1855
Second grandchildren
John Greenleaf EliotSecond grandson06 Oct 1902St. Louis, MO, USA03 Nov 1972Berkeley, CA, USA
Abigail Eliot SmithSecond granddaughter13 Feb 1900St. Louis, MO, USA04 May 1984Lexington, MA, USA
William Cranch EliotSecond grandson04 Mar 1895St. Louis, MO, USA25 Apr 1959Phoenix, AZ, USA
Abigail Adams EliotSecond granddaughter09 Oct 1892Boston, MA, USA
Martha May EliotSecond granddaughter07 Apr 1891Dorchester, Boston, MA, USA14 Feb 1978Cambridge, MA, USA
Frederick May EliotSecond grandson15 Sep 1889Dorchester, Boston, MA, USA17 Feb 1958New York, New York, UK
Thomas Dawes EliotSecond grandson19 Jun 1889Portland, OR, USA09 Jan 1973Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Alice EliotSecond granddaughter16 Jun 1889St. Louis, MO, USA01 Mar 1967Webster Groves, MO, USA
Thomas Stearns EliotSecond grandson26 Sep 1888St. Louis, MO, USA04 Jan 1965London, England, UK
Frank Munroe EliotSecond grandson25 Dec 1886St. Louis, MO, USA26 Jan 1964North Marshfield, MA, USA
Theodora Sterling EliotSecond granddaughter25 Jul 1885St. Louis, MO, USA05 Dec 1886St. Louis, MO, USA
Edward Munroe EliotSecond grandson15 Jan 1885St. Louis, MA, USA26 Aug 1953Detroit, MI, USA
Samuel Ely EliotSecond grandson22 May 1882Portland, OR, USA19 Jan 1976Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Henrietta Mack EliotSecond granddaughter17 Dec 1879Portland, OR, USA10 Dec 1978Portland, OR, USA
Henry Ware Eliot Jr.Second grandson07 Dec 1879St. Louis, MO, USA05 May 1947Cambridge, MA, USA
Marian Cushing EliotSecond granddaughter25 Jul 1877St. Louis, MO, USA28 Apr 1963Watertown, MA, USA
Grace Cranch EliotSecond granddaughter13 Sep 1875Portland, OR, USA26 Oct 1973Portland, OR, USA
Charlotte EliotSecond granddaughter29 Oct 1874St. Louis, MO, USA22 Aug 1926Boston, MA, USA
Ellen Smith EliotSecond granddaughter20 Feb 1873Portland, OR, USA16 May 1971San Rafael, CA, USA
Margaret Dawes EliotSecond granddaughter02 Dec 1871St. Louis, MO, USA10 Jun 1956Cambridge, MA, USA
Dorothea Dix EliotSecond granddaughter14 Feb 1871Portland, OR, USA04 Dec 1957Oakland, CA, USA
Ada EliotSecond granddaughter30 Sep 1869St. Louis, MO, USA02 Oct 1943Cambridge, MA, USA
Mary Ely EliotSecond granddaughter22 Sep 1868Portland, OR, USA21 Apr 1878Portland, OR, USA
William Greenleaf Eliot Jr.Second grandson13 Oct 1866St. Louis, MO, USA08 Jun 1956Portland, OR, USA
Third grandchildren
Ruth Dawes EliotThird granddaughter21 Oct 1945Evanston, IL, USA
Margaret Albert EliotThird granddaughter27 Jun 1934Berkeley, CA, USA
Christopher Rhodes Eliot IIThird grandson08 Dec 1933New York, NY, USA21 Aug 1978Cambridge, MA, USA
Graydon Munroe EliotThird grandson20 May 1933Berkeley, CA, USA
John Greenleaf Eliot Jr.Third grandson10 Oct 1931Berkeley, CA, USA
Richard EliotThird grandson25 Feb 1931New York, NY, USA
Elizabeth Greenleaf EliotThird granddaughter16 Oct 1928St. Louis, MO, USA
Rosemary Anna Henrietta Greenleaf EliotThird granddaughter28 Aug 1926Evanston, IL, USA
Edward Cranch Eliot IIThird grandson02 May 1926Detroit, MI, USA
Alice Munroe EliotThird granddaughter05 Feb 1925St. Louis, MO, USA
Mary Caroline EliotThird granddaughter01 Sep 1923Washington, DC, USA
Geraldine Grace EliotThird granddaughter23 Jul 1923St. Louis, MO, USA
Johan Wijnbladh EliotThird grandson10 Jul 1921Evanston, IL, USA
Thomas Lamb Eliot IIThird grandson07 Jan 1920Evanston, IL, USA13 Feb 1999Silver Spring, MD, USA
Charles Landon Martin IIThird grandson16 Sep 1918Webster Groves, MO, USA
Peter Chardon ScottThird grandson09 Sep 1917Portland, OR, USA12 May 1934Larch Mountain, Multnomah Falls, OR, USA
Leonard Eliot MartinThird grandson22 Aug 1917Webster Groves, MO, USA31 Aug 1980Kirkwood, MO, USA
Nancy Greenleaf MartinThird granddaughter18 Mar 1916Webster Groves, MO, USA
Thomas Greenleaf EliotThird grandson02 Nov 1915Berkeley, CA, USA11 Jan 1919Washington, DC, USA
Thomas Lamb Eliot WilburThird grandson09 Nov 1912Berkeley, CA, USA15 Oct 1932Pomona College, Claremont, CA, USA
Janet Hobart WeilThird granddaughter28 Oct 1912Bellingham, WA, USA06 Oct 1981San Rafael, CA, USA
Abigail Adams ScottThird granddaughter09 Feb 1912Portland, OR, USA27 Aug 1979
Charlotte Stearns SmithThird granddaughter15 Jun 1911Brookline, MA, USA
Mather Greenleaf EliotThird grandson12 Jan 1911Berkeley, CA, USA
Richard Cranch ScottThird grandson01 Jun 1910Portland, OR, USA22 Dec 1987San Diego, CA, USA
Henry Eliot ScottThird grandson26 Feb 1909Grants Pass, OR, USA
Frank Tuttle WeilThird grandson11 Oct 1908Bellingham, WA, USA18 Apr 1923Quincy, MA, USA
Elizabeth Fuller WilburThird granddaughter27 Aug 1907Portland, OR, USA17 Dec 1987Berkeley, CA, USA
Thomas Eliot WeilThird grandson23 Jun 1906Chicago, IL, USA
Theodora Eliot SmithThird granddaughter25 Jul 1904Dedham, MA, USA
William Eliot WilburThird grandson30 Sep 1902Meadville, PA, USA23 Oct 1902Meadville, PA, USA
Theodore Sessinghaus EliotThird grandson24 May 1900Milwaukee, WI, USA16 Sep 1976Denver, CO, USA
Ruth Kayser EliotThird granddaughter19 May 1899Milwaukee, WI, USA
William Greenleaf Eliot 3dThird grandson15 Oct 1897Milwaukee, WI, USA23 Aug 1990Washington, DC, USA
Clara EliotThird granddaughter02 Jan 1896San Francisco, CA, USA17 Jan 1976Palo Alto, CA, USA
Fourth grandchildren
Eric Jean UlvogFourth grandson17 Oct 1980Long Prarie, MN, USA
Barbara Jean UlvogFourth granddaughter13 Dec 1976Alexandria, MN, USA
John Frederick EliotFourth grandson24 Apr 1971Boston, MA, USA
Theresa Lynn Clason UlvogFourth granddaughter17 Nov 1968Rockford, IL, USA
Susan Morey EliotFourth granddaughter30 May 1968
Peter Munroe EliotFourth grandson18 Mar 1968
Caroline Fairfield EliotFourth granddaughter10 Oct 1966
Anner Bates EliotFourth granddaughter07 Aug 1966Boston, MA, USA
Cynthia Graydon SmolensFourth granddaughter21 Mar 1966Phoenix, AZ, USA
Mark Walton EliotFourth grandson10 Apr 1963
Frederick Lee EliotFourth grandson18 Jul 1962Newton, Lower Falls, MA, USA
Michael John SmolensFourth grandson26 Feb 1961Indianapolis, IN, USA
William Edward LangdonFourth grandson08 Sep 1960Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Christopher Rhodes Eliot IIIFourth grandson28 Sep 1959Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Scott Eliot SmolensFourth grandson02 Jun 1959Upper Darby, PA, USA
Christopher Greenleaf EliotFourth grandson16 Jul 1958Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Walter Eliot BrodieFourth grandson14 Mar 1957
Edward Ellgner EliotFourth grandson09 Mar 1957Boston, MA, USA
Rush Everett LangdonFourth grandson02 Dec 1956Fort Belvoir, VA, USA
John Leonard MartinFourth grandson13 Aug 1956
Carol Reid BrodieFourth granddaughter29 Jul 1955
Holly Jean EliotFourth granddaughter21 Oct 1954Little Rock, AR, USA
Margaret Kelly MartinFourth granddaughter17 Mar 1954St. Louis, MO, USA
Elizabeth Ann BrodieFourth granddaughter14 Jan 1954
Thomas Lamb Eliot IIIFourth grandson07 Dec 1953Bethesda, MD, USA
Grace Elizabeth PetersonFourth granddaughter02 Dec 1953Bemiji, MN, USA
Michael Eliot LangdonFourth grandson11 Nov 1952Albuquerque, NM, USA
Elizabeth Ann ScottFourth granddaughter14 Oct 1952Hackensack, NJ, USA
Eliot Wilbur NelsonFourth grandson05 Sep 1952Oakland, CA, USA
Richard Stuart NelsonFourth grandson05 Sep 1952Oakland, CA, USA
Dorian Lamb EliotFourth granddaughter13 Aug 1952Bethesda, MD, USA
Christine Lu PetersonFourth granddaughter29 Jul 1952Bemiji, MN, USA
Scott Eliot MartinFourth grandson06 Jul 1952St. Louis, MO, USA
Richard Dawes WeilFourth grandson30 Mar 1952Washington, DC, USA
Elizabeth Hain HudsonFourth granddaughter20 Jan 1952Berkeley, CA, USA
Leonard Coles LangdonFourth grandson23 Sep 1951Albuquerque, NM, USA
Hope Elizabeth EliotFourth granddaughter19 May 1951Rochester, MN, USA
Amy Christine PetersonFourth granddaughter23 Feb 1951Bemiji, MN, USA
Eliot Reeve HudsonFourth grandson22 Apr 1950Oakland, CA, USA
Susan Spencer WeilFourth granddaughter26 Nov 1949Washington, DC, USA
Gerry Marie PetersonFourth granddaughter28 Apr 1949
Thomas Eliot Weil Jr.Fourth grandson19 Oct 1948Kabul, Afghanistan
William Harter HudsonFourth grandson13 Aug 1948Oakland, CA, USA
Geoffrey Martin KerrFourth grandson15 Jun 1948Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
Abby Eliot MartinFourth granddaughter11 Jun 1948St. Louis, MO, USA
Florentia Louise ScottFourth granddaughter03 Apr 1948New York, New York, USA
Nancy Greenleaf NelsonFourth granddaughter21 Aug 1947
Peter Lindley EliotFourth grandson08 May 1947Boston, MA, USA
James Kinnear Gussow Jr.Fourth grandson06 Jul 1946New York, New York, USA
Dorothy Sears EliotFourth granddaughter31 Jan 1946Boston, MA, USA
Christine Noyes EliotFourth granddaughter20 Jan 1946Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
William Newell Nelson IIIFourth grandson18 Feb 1945Oakland, CA, USA
Barbara Nolker MartinFourth granddaughter03 Feb 1945
Pamela Eliot WestFourth granddaughter29 Jun 1943Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Alexander Duncan Kerr Jr.Fourth grandson06 May 1943Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Sigrid Margaretta EliotFourth granddaughter13 Aug 1942
Thomas Eliot KorsonFourth grandson04 Feb 1942New Haven, CT, USA
Priscilla WestFourth granddaughter29 Jul 1939San Jose, CA, USA
Richard Cranch Scott Jr.Fourth grandson06 Sep 1938Pasadena, CA, USA
Frank Cushman EliotFourth grandson25 Mar 1938Washington, DC, USA
Nancy Greenleaf EliotFourth granddaughter11 Dec 1934Washington, DC, USA
Priscilla Stearns TalcottFourth granddaughter19 Feb 1934New York, New York, USA
Calista Cushman EliotFourth granddaughter10 Jan 1934Memphis, TN, USA
Charlotte Cranch RaupFourth granddaughter31 Aug 1933New York, NY, USA
Henrietta Robins EliotFourth granddaughter03 Apr 1930Memphis, TN, USA
Robert Bruce Raup Jr.Fourth grandson04 Nov 1929New York, NY, USA
Michael Hoover EliotFourth grandson11 Jun 1928Memphis, TN, USA
Andrew Ely EliotFourth grandson25 Jul 1927Cleveland, OH, USA11 Sep 1927
Ruth Mitchell RaupFourth granddaughter11 Jul 1927New York, NY, USA
Joan Eliot RaupFourth granddaughter15 Apr 1926New York, NY, USA
Warner Ayres EliotFourth grandson04 Dec 1925Cleveland, OH, USA
Theodore Sessinghaus Eliot Jr.Fourth grandson07 Nov 1924Chicago, IL, USA27 Oct 1996
William Eliot PrentissFourth grandson22 Aug 1922Portland, OR, USA
Fifth grandchildren
Heather Jayne EliotFifth granddaughter19 Oct 1997MA, USA
William Greenleaf EliotFifth grandson02 Jan 1994MA, USA
Peter Jens EliotFifth grandson02 Mar 1992
Thomas Johan EliotFifth grandson18 Jul 1988Austin, TX, USA
Barbara Alison PercivalFifth granddaughter14 Jul 1988
Kimberly Ann CowellFifth granddaughter09 Sep 1987Mesa, AZ, USA
Elizabeth Mary LangdonFifth granddaughter15 Apr 1987
Caroline Robins HillFifth granddaughter12 Mar 1987Albuquerque, NM, USA
Jessica Eliot MyhreFifth granddaughter06 Apr 1986Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Alexander Thomas EliotFifth grandson27 Dec 1985
David William Tarik WeilFifth grandson22 Oct 1985Washington, DC, USA
Katherine Ellen WeilFifth granddaughter15 Sep 1985Washington, DC, USA
Matthew Aaron SinclairFifth grandson13 Sep 1985
Rebecca Faith DavisFifth granddaughter11 Jan 1985
Ashley Grace SturtevantFifth granddaughter18 Apr 1984Greensville, MI, USA
Kyle Christen SinclairFifth grandson29 Dec 1983Mesa, AZ, USA
Emily Stell HillFifth granddaughter10 Dec 1983Albuquerque, NM, USA
Carolyn Ann LangdonFifth granddaughter08 Dec 1983
Andrew Eliot Darmara WeilFifth grandson27 Sep 1983Washington, DC, USA
John Christopher Greenleaf WeilFifth grandson27 Sep 1983Washington, DC, USA
Bodie Lee Scott OrmanFifth grandson11 May 1983Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Sheila Elizabeth SturtevantFifth granddaughter12 Mar 1983Detroit, MI, USA
Christina Joy DavisFifth granddaughter01 Mar 1983
Timothy Jay EliotFifth grandson21 Sep 1982Pittsfield, MA, USA
Christopher William Todd HudsonFifth grandson21 May 1982Berkeley, CA, USA
Eliot Isaac SinclairFifth grandson23 Oct 1981Mesa, AZ, USA
Angela Lu CilibertoFifth granddaughter29 Jul 1981
Stanley Ray TownsdinFifth grandson11 Jul 1981Anoka, MN, USA
Jesse Brodie BurkhardtFifth grandson16 Jun 1981
Andrew Steffes KorsonFifth grandson27 May 1981Denver, CO, USA
Marjorie Van_Gorder SmithFifth granddaughter18 Oct 1980
Nathaniel Orion Scott OrmanFifth grandson06 May 1980San Francisco, CA, USA
David Christopher HiestandFifth grandson29 Mar 1980Arcata, CA, USA
Nathaniel Peter SmithFifth grandson30 Nov 1979New Haven, CT, USA
Alice Cameron PackerFifth granddaughter24 Nov 1979Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
Carrie Lynn SturtevantFifth granddaughter20 Nov 1979Marysville, OH, USA
Amy Elizabeth CowellFifth granddaughter16 Nov 1979Mesa, AZ, USA
Vanessa Eliot StewartFifth granddaughter05 Apr 1979Georgetown, TX, USA
Alison Duncan KerrFifth granddaughter15 Oct 1978Boston, MA, USA
Brian Eliot SmithFifth grandson15 Oct 1978
William Eliot HiestandFifth grandson05 Jan 1978Fortuna, CA, USA
Derrick Andrew PackerFifth grandson25 Aug 1977Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
Zachary Hudson StewartFifth grandson05 Apr 1977Georgetown, TX, USA
Jessica Christine TownsdinFifth granddaughter22 Oct 1976Minneapolis, MN, USA
Josephine Doris TownsdinFifth granddaughter22 Oct 1976Minneapolis, MN, USA
Trent Lucien EliotFifth grandson24 Jul 1976Long Island, Casco Bay, Maine, USA
Joshua Brandon KerrFifth grandson14 Jul 1976LaGrange, IL, USA
Andrew Cushman EliotFifth grandson19 May 1976Washington, DC, USA
Philip Greenleaf EliotFifth grandson19 May 1976Washington, DC, USA
Brian Murphey ConnellFifth grandson05 Apr 1976Knoxville, TN, USA
Laura Anne-Marie HemstadFifth granddaughter05 Jul 1975
Christopher Hobson EliotFifth grandson11 Jun 1974Washington, DC, USA
William Alexander KerrFifth grandson24 Apr 1974Boston, MA, USA
Shawn Marie TownsdinFifth granddaughter14 Apr 1974Bemiji, MN, USA
Jacques Jarvis JansonFifth grandson20 Mar 1974Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Andrew Eliot NelsonFifth grandson22 Feb 1974Houston, TX, USA
John Eliot ConnellFifth grandson07 Feb 1974San Diego, CA, USA
Ehben Hess EliotFifth grandson16 Sep 1973Long Island, Casco Bay, Maine, USA
Matthew Jonathan KerrFifth grandson01 Apr 1973Montgomery, PA, USA
Tobin Christopher HahnFifth grandson24 Nov 1972
Anna Melinda McGinleyFifth granddaughter28 Oct 1972Washington, DC, USA
Sarah Hartwell NelsonFifth granddaughter27 Oct 1972Houston, TX, USA
Frederick Scott JansonFifth grandson27 Apr 1972Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Elizabeth Wynne JohnsonFifth granddaughter27 Apr 1971Washington, DC, USA
Caitlin Aiden HahnFifth granddaughter24 Mar 1971Ukiah, CA, USA
Jonathan Greenleaf EliotFifth grandson03 Jul 1969Washington, DC, USA
Thomas Eliot HoffFifth grandson25 Jan 1969Cheverly, MD, USA
Erica Madeleine ScottFifth granddaughter22 Nov 1968Watertown, MA, USA
Kimberly Anne HoffFifth granddaughter02 Jan 1968Cheverly, MD, USA
Alice Cushman MackFifth granddaughter11 May 1967Washington, DC, USA
Sara Raup JohnsonFifth granddaughter29 Nov 1966Washington, DC, USA
Kristen Jean ScottFifth granddaughter20 Jul 1966Watertown, MA, USA
Emily Laureen ChamleeFifth granddaughter01 Jul 1966Sacramento, CA, USA
George Edward Hoff Jr.Fifth grandson20 Apr 1964Cheverly, MD, USA
Jon Coleman HoffFifth grandson25 Jan 1963Cheverly, MD, USA
Susan Lynn ChamleeFifth granddaughter13 Oct 1962Sacramento, CA, USA
Katherine Agnew FourcherFifth granddaughter21 Aug 1962Stamford, CT, USA
Karen Elizabeth HoffFifth granddaughter13 Jan 1962Bethesda, MD, USA
Diane Elizabeth RaupFifth granddaughter13 Oct 1960Denver, DC, USA
David Lawrence CreminFifth grandson11 Oct 1960New York, New York, USA
Kristin Elizabeth EliotFifth granddaughter29 Aug 1960Williamsport, PA, USA
Barbara Gay HamillFifth granddaughter16 Jan 1960Craig, CO, USA
Derrick Ross ChamleeFifth grandson22 Oct 1959San Francisco, CA, USA
Elizabeth Page EliotFifth granddaughter06 May 1959Los Alamos, NM, USA
Joanne Laura CreminFifth granddaughter03 Mar 1959New York, New York, USA21 Jan 1998
Brenda Joan HamillFifth granddaughter23 Dec 1958Craig, CO, USA
Amy Lucinda MooreFifth granddaughter16 Apr 1958Fort Worth, TX, USA
William Charles RaupFifth grandson18 Jan 1958Washington, DC, USA
Robin Eliot HamillFifth granddaughter24 Sep 1957Craig, CO, USA
Jennifer Stayner EliotFifth granddaughter09 May 1957Los Alamos, NM, USA
James Robert RaupFifth grandson08 Jun 1956Denver, CO, USA
Lee Ayres EliotFifth grandson21 Aug 1955Fort Collins, CO, USA
Carolyn Calista MooreFifth granddaughter02 Jul 1953Fort Worth, TX, USA
Sarah Louise MooreFifth granddaughter12 Oct 1951Fort Worth, TX, USA
6th grandchildren
Ruth Elizabeth Eliot6th granddaughter18 Apr 2010Washington, DC, USA
Anna Cunningham Eliot6th granddaughter04 Aug 2007Washington, DC, USA
Oceana Gabriella Janson6th granddaughter4/28/2007
Isabelle Genevieve Ostrom Janson6th granddaughter12/7/2006San Francisco, CA, USA
Abigail Adams Ostrom Janson6th granddaughter11/20/2005San Francisco, CA, USA
Sierra Mary Florentia Janson6th granddaughter1/15/2005
Thomas Ayres Benitez6th grandson27 Oct 1994
Anna Elizabeth Benitez6th granddaughter05 Nov 1991
Amy Kristina Benitez6th granddaughter13 Feb 1988Germantown, MD, USA
Simon Michael Gooch6th grandson18 Aug 1987Fort Worth, TX, USA
Barry Boyd Thornburg6th grandson22 Mar 1987Santa Fe, NM, USA
Katherine Marie Benitez6th granddaughter10 Mar 1986Cheverly, MD, USA
Kelly Michelle Sweeney6th granddaughter02 Jul 1985
Michael Joseph Poust6th grandson25 Jun 1985
Myriah Lee Thornburg6th granddaughter18 Apr 1985Santa Fe, NM, USA
Jessica Brae Sweeney6th granddaughter04 Sep 1984
Magen Eliot White6th granddaughter18 Aug 1984Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Justin Michael Hoff6th grandson07 Oct 1983
Cody Clark Thornburg6th grandson24 Jul 1983Santa Fe, NM, USA
Brynn Kathryn Eliot6th granddaughter21 Sep 1982Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Rachelle Brown6th granddaughter02 Jul 1982Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Kevin Egan Sweeney6th grandson12 Jan 1981
Sarah Reder White6th granddaughter17 Dec 1978Las Cruces, NM, USA
Colin Hill Eliot6th grandson10 Mar 1978Stillwater, OK, USA
Darin James Eliot6th grandson14 Aug 1976Stillwater, OK, USA
Matthew Alan Clemons6th grandson12 Feb 1976Fort Worth, TX, USA
Jason Lee Eliot6th grandson11 Aug 1972Stillwater, OK, USA
Kimberly Michelle Clemons6th granddaughter11 Aug 1968Fort Worth, TX, USA
7th grandchildren
Dax Eliot Rivera7th grandson09 Mar 2006
Joshua Lehman Eliot7th grandson02 Oct 1999
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Nancy GreenleafDaughter-in-lawABT 03 Jun 1772Boston, MA, USA16 Sep 1842Washington, DC, USA
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