Norman Payne Hiestand


Norman Payne Hiestand Dorothy Sears Eliot Johan Wijnbladh Eliot Thomas Dawes Eliot Sigrid Victoria Wijnbladh Frances Grigsby Sears William Eliot Hiestand David Christopher Hiestand


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Dorothy Sears Eliot 31 Jan 1946  William Eliot Hiestand
 David Christopher Hiestand







NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Former Partner
Dorothy Sears EliotWife (Divorced)31 Jan 1946Boston, MA, USA
David Christopher HiestandSon29 Mar 1980Arcata, CA, USA
William Eliot HiestandSon05 Jan 1978Fortuna, CA, USA
Frances Grigsby SearsMother-in-law10 Feb 1922Bucyrus, OH, USA
Johan Wijnbladh EliotFather-in-law10 Jul 1921Evanston, IL, USA
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Christopher Greenleaf EliotBrother-in-law16 Jul 1958Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Holly Jean EliotSister-in-law21 Oct 1954Little Rock, AR, USA
Hope Elizabeth EliotSister-in-law19 May 1951Rochester, MN, USA
Peter Lindley EliotBrother-in-law08 May 1947Boston, MA, USA
Nephews & Nieces
Peter Jens EliotNephew-in-law02 Mar 1992
Thomas Johan EliotNephew-in-law18 Jul 1988Austin, TX, USA
Jessica Eliot MyhreNiece-in-law06 Apr 1986Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Timothy Jay EliotNephew-in-law21 Sep 1982Pittsfield, MA, USA
Nathaniel Peter SmithNephew-in-law30 Nov 1979New Haven, CT, USA
Trent Lucien EliotNephew-in-law24 Jul 1976Long Island, Casco Bay, Maine, USA
Ehben Hess EliotNephew-in-law16 Sep 1973Long Island, Casco Bay, Maine, USA
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