Cool stuff for your mac

The following is a listing of cool Macintosh utilities or applications or whatever that I think are cool or worth checking out.
Last updated: 9/28/96

I've added this page to provide brief descriptions to additional things that are useful, but I don't want to over clutter the main page nor overcommit myself to maintaining everything up to date for every damn thing there is. This page is gonna be maintained with a fairly care free attitude, so don't expect too much.

List Files 2.5.2
Lets you make a text file describing directories (folders).

Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.5
A text editor more powerful than simpletext (like thats saying much).

A new way of encoding audio over the internet with specialized hardware results in pretty decent sound quality over the internet.

Ram, cache, clock speed, testing software
Newer Technologies offers some nice simple purpose utilities that test your ram, test your L2 cache, clock speed, and macguru which provides info on macs.

Disk Doubler and autodoubler, and copydoubler are pretty cool. Copydoubler does background copying, and diskdoubler/autodoubler compresses stuff in a format that can still be used without first decompressing (manually) and lets you save hard disk space very worthwhile.

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