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Leei-Luoh Wang, MSCE, PE
Planning of Hydropower and
Water Resources Development

2543 Cobblewood Drive, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, U.S.A.

Telephone / Fax: +1 (847) 564-1072


Specialty Areas Privatization of hydropower development. Selection of optimum river basin development plan, least-cost generation expansion plan, initial project and project development level including project size and installed generating capacity. Resources Planning. More than 40 years of experience.

Key Qualifications

As team leader or project manager, Mr. Wang supervises/conducts planning studies, and preparation of budgets, work schedules, and reports. He also coordinates work assignments, monitors costs, and provides liaison with clients. As resident chief of party in Nepal, Mr. Wang assisted local government agencies in establishing "one-Window" approach of issuing licenses and permits, and World Bank Power Development Fund, and processing two Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) hydropower projects. He also supervised preparation of guidelines for design and safety consideration, and manuals for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process of hydropower projects in Nepal.

Mr. Wang has served as staff consultant to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Independent Power Producers, and consulting firms for review of technical documentation for privatization of hydropower projects, load forecasts, least-cost generation expansion plan, and economic analysis of potential hydroelectric and multi-purpose water resources development. He has also served as a river basin management specialist to ADB and conducted a two-week workshop on Yangtze River water and soil conservation and environmental protection.

Education and Training

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (majored in Water Resources Engineering), Utah State University, 1966

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering, Hydraulic Section, National Taiwan University, China, 1958.

Professional Registrations:  Illinois

International Work Experience China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Honduras, Iceland, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Nepal, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Taiwan, Venezuela.
Languages English, Chinese

Employment History

September 2000 to Present. Multinational Environment and Social Assessment Services (MESAS), Washington D.C., U.S.A.  Senior Associate

June 2000 to Present. International Resources Group, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

January 2002 to Present:  Consultant
June 2000 to December 2001:  Chief of Party, Private Sector Hydropower Development Project, Nepal

1966 to June 2000. Harza Engineering Company, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

1999 to June 2000:  Partner, Privatization and Project Development
1996 to 1998:  Senior Associate and Principal Planning Engineer
1986 to 1995:  Associate
1993 to 1995:  Planning & Licensing Department, Planning Section, Head
1985 to 1992:  Energy Resources Planning Section, Head
1978 to 1984:  Senior Planning Engineer
1971 to 1978:  Planning Engineer
1966 to 1971:  Water Resources Section, Water Resources Planning Engineer

1966. Utah Water Research Laboratory, Utah State University, Graduate Research Assistant

1964 to 1965. International Engineering Company, Assistant Engineer

1962 to 1964. Utah State University, Graduate Student

1959 to 1962. Taiwan Provincial Water Conservancy Bureau, Taipei, Assistant Engineer

1958 to 1959. Chinese Air Force, Taiwan, Engineering Officer


Professional Experience

September 2000 to Present: Senior Associate, Multinational Environment and Social Assessment Services, Inc.

Resident Assignment:

Private Sector Hydropower Development Project, Nepal. Client: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).  Nepal Mission. The specific objective of the project is increased private sector in investments in environmentally and socially sound hydropower development in Nepal.

As Chief of Party, was responsible for overall management of the project. Assisted Department of Electricity Development (DoED), Government of Nepal, in establishing "one-Window" approach of issuing licenses and obtaining permits and approvals, and World Bank Power Development Fund. Processed two Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) hydropower projects, and prepared guidelines for design and safety consideration of hydropower projects and manuals for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process of hydropower projects (June 2000 to December 2001)

Selected Short-term Consulting Services:

Yunnan Province Hydropower and Water Supply Projects, China. Client: An International Energy and Water Supply Development Corporation. Power and Water Resources Development Specialist, conducted a preliminary assessment of several potential hydropower and water supply projects for private development in Yunnan Province. Met with local government officials to discuss China's new policy for private sector investment in the Western China Region, conducted field reconnaissance of potential project sites, and reviewed pre-feasibility or feasibility reports of these projects prepared by the Chinese design institutes. Also met with staffs of the Chinese design institutes to discuss and review planning process and preliminary design of these projects, and prepared an assessment report containing findings and recommendations for use in decision making process for proceeding with the project development by the client. (February–March, and July–August, 2003)   

Increased Private Sector Participation in Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Hydropower Development, Nepal (funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Nepal Mission for the period of 2002-2006).   Client: International Resources Group, Ltd., Washington D.C. Provides technical support to Department of Electricity Development, Government of Nepal in a number of activities. These activities include: feasibility study of one or more export projects, ratification of power trade agreement with India, and enhancement of Nepalese capability for regional energy development and trade (Consultant for the period of January 2002 to present and Acting Chief of Party, January–March 2002).

Zhanghewan Pumped-Storage Project, Hebei, China.  Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Served as Power System Planner/Economist Expert to participate in ADB's Technical Assistance for the 1,000-MW Zhanghewan Pumped-Storage Project in Hebei, China. Worked with the Hebei Electric Power Company, and Chinese design and economic research institutes in China, and was responsible for review of power system planning including load and energy demand forecast, least-cost expansion plan, project operation, and economic analysis (1995, 96, 97, and 1999).

Rio Patuca Hydroelectric Projects, Honduras, C.A.  Client: An International Energy Development Corporation. Lead a team of 23 and conducted a field reconnaissance, and preliminary study of identification and selection of potential project sites for development of power potential of the Rio Patuca in Honduras. Alternative schemes consisting of various combinations of alternative projects were formulated. Project layouts were conducted, quantity and cost were estimated, and a screening study was made to select the optimum scheme for power development of the Rio Patuca, and initial project. The initial project will consist of a 100-m high, concrete-faced rockfill dam, a chute spillway, and an underground powerhouse containing three 90-MW generating units (1997–98).

Zhiganglaka Hydroelectric Project, Qinghai, China.  Client: An International Energy Development Corporation. Served as Project Manager and Power Planning Engineer and conducted a preliminary assessment study and technical review of the 192-MW Zhiganglaka Project in Qinghai Province, China.

The assessment study was conducted to identify the existence or likelihood of potential fatal flaws, and assess the construction costs and energy production of the project as estimated by a Chinese design institute. The technical review of the project included a more detailed review of hydrology and energy production, turbine and equipment design, and construction cost and schedule.

The Zhiganglaka Project, located on the Yellow River, will consist of a 19-m high earth and rockfill dam, a gated overflow spillway, and a surface powerhouse containing six bulb units. Each unit is rated at 32 MW under a rated head of 13 meters and a discharge of 284 cms (1997-98).

Xucun Hydroelectric Project, Yunnan, China.  Client: An International Energy Development Corporation. As Power Planning Specialist, conducted a preliminary assessment of the Xucun Hydroelectric Project in Yunnan, China. Construction of the project started in January 1997. The assessment concentrated on identification of fatal flaws, and estimates of construction costs and energy production.

The project will consist of a rockfill dam with a central impervious core, a chute spillway, left- and right-bank spilling/sluicing tunnels, water conductors, and a surface powerhouse. The dam will have a maximum height of 67 meters. The powerhouse will contain three Francis units. Each unit will have a generating capacity of 26 MW under a head of 45 meters and a discharge of 68 cms (1997-98).

Bhote Koshi Hydroelectric Project, Nepal.  Client: An International Energy Development Corporation. Worked with project resident engineer and EPC contractors in Nepal to develop a staged diversion scheme and construction schedule for the 45-MW Bhote Koshi Project. Assisted the project owner, an international energy development corporation, in negotiation of change orders of the contract with the EPC contractor. Coordinated with the contractor to develop a submittal and review schedule of project construction drawings.

The project will consist of a 21-m high concrete gravity dam, a gated overflow spillway, water conductors, and a surface powerhouse. The water conductors will include an intake, desanding basin, a 3,320-m long power tunnel, a surge shaft, and 465-m long penstock. The powerhouse will contain two 22.5-MW Francis units. The rated head and discharge of each unit are 134 meters and 18.3 cms (1997).

Hongjiadu Hydroelectric Project, China.  Client: Asian Development Bank. Served as Power System Planner/Economist Expert for Asian Development Bank's Technical Assistance for preliminary analysis of the 540-MW Hongjiadu Hydroelectric Project. Responsible for review of power system planning including load and energy demand forecast, least-cost expansion plan, project operation, and economic analysis (1995).

Changjiang (Yangtze River) Water and Soil Conservation and Environmental Protection Workshop, China.  Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB). Served as River Basin Management Specialist to conduct a workshop in China. The two-week workshop, sponsored by the Technical Assistance Program of the ADB, was conducted for about 30 mid-level managers and technical specialists from nine provinces within the upper and middle reaches of the Changjiang River basin.

Responsibility included conducting four topics at the workshop. These topics include water resources projects, hydrology and reservoir sedimentation, system analysis and river basin modeling, and river and project planning (1995).

Selected World Bank and Other International Lending Agency Funded Projects:

Baise Multi-purpose Dam Project, Guangxi, China.  Client: Guangxi Youjiang Water & Power Corporation. Proposal Manager, Contract Negotiator, and Project Coordinator and Water Resources Economic Analyst for review of design, International Competitive Bid documents, Environmental Impact Assessment, economic and financial analysis, and institutional analysis, and training of Chinese staff for the Baise Project. The project will provide protection against a 50-year flood for the river reach between Baise and Nanning, improve navigation conditions of the Youjiang River, and increase firm water supply for meeting growing demands for irrigation, and domestic and industrial water uses in the lower reaches of the Youjiang River. With a 580-MW power plant, the project will produce an average annual energy of 1,690 million kWh. The project will also increase the annual power production at existing downstream power plants by 150 million kWh. Construction of the project will be partially funded by a World Bank loan.

As the Water Resources Economic Analyst, reviewed the river system/reservoir operation study and defined reservoir operating rules for meeting multiple objectives including flood control, power, water supply, and navigation. Worked with Chinese engineers/specialists to estimate potential project benefits of flood control, power, water supply, and navigation, and conducted cost allocation and economic analysis to evaluate economic attractiveness of the Baise Project (1999 to June 2000).

Ertan 500-kV Transmission Project, Sichuan, China.  Client: Sichuan Electric Power Administration. Project Coordinator. The project, partially funded by a World Bank loan, will consist of 2,750 km of transmission lines, one 500-kV switching station, and five 500 kV/220 kV substations. Coordinated work assignments for review the design, technical specifications, and bid documents prepared by Chinese engineers, monitored costs, and provided liaison with the Sichuan Electric Power Administration (1994–99).

As the Team Leader and Economic/Financial Analyst for preparation of the Ertan 500-kV transmission system report to the World Bank for the Sichuan Electric Power Administration, China. Worked with Chinese engineers in Chengdu for preparation of a project report to the World Bank for loan application (1993).

Cimarron Hydroelectric Project, El Salvador, C.A.  Client: Comision Ejecutiva Hidroelectrica del Rio Lempa. As Project Coordinator and Lead Planning Engineer, coordinated and conducted studies to formulate, evaluate, and screen alternative schemes for development of power potential of the upper Rio Lempa basin. Selected dam type, dam height, and power installation of the Cimarron Project. The project will consist of a 170-m-high concrete-faced rockfill dam, 8-km long power tunnel, and a powerhouse containing three generating units. Each unit is rated at 81 MW under a net head of 354 m (1996-97).

Feasibility Study of Expansion of the Cerron Grande and 5 de Noviembre Projects, El Salvador.  Client: Comisión Ejecutiva Hydroélectric del Río Lempa. Served as Project Coordinator and Lead Planning Engineer for expansion of these two projects. The existing Cerron Grande Project, consisting of two 67.5-MW generating units, will be expanded with addition of a third 67.5-MW unit. The existing 5 de Noviembre Project has five generating units with a total installed capacity of 81.4 MW. A new power plant is proposed for expansion of the 5 de Noviembre Project. The second power plant will contain two units with a total installed capacity of 120 MW (1994–95).

Selected Hydroelectric and Pumped-Storage Projects:

Capacity Expansion of the Panama Canal, Panama, C.A.  Client: Panama Canal Authority. Task Leader for power market study of the Panama National Integrated System. The Panama Canal Authority planed to construct new storage projects to augment sources of water supply for meeting the growing municipal and industrial water uses in the Canal Zone, and increased lock operation. The new projects would include construction of power generation facilities. A power market study was conducted to determine future power needs of the Panama National Integrated System. The results of this survey will be used in evaluation of economic attractiveness of these new power facilities (2000).

Private Development of Hydroelectric and Multi-Purpose Water Projects, China. Client: Various. Served as Task Manager for Harza Engineering Company's program of identification and screening of potential hydroelectric and multi-purpose water projects in China for private development. Met with central, provincial, and local government officials in China to collect pertinent information relating to policies, regulations, and potential projects for the private development. Conducted initial screening of the potential projects and site reconnaissance of selected projects, and reviewed firm water yield, energy production, project layouts, and construction cost and schedule developed by the Chinese design institutes, and conducted presentations of the selected projects to the international energy and water development corporations (1998–99).

Alto Piura Hydroelectric Project, Peru.  Client: Direccion Ejecutiva del Proyecto Especial Hidroenergetico del Alto Piura. As Project Manager, managed and supervised the feasibility study, and prepared study report. The project will consist of a diversion dam, a 12.8-km transbasin diversion tunnel, a 4.8-km power tunnel, and a powerhouse containing two 35-MW Pelton units. The head on the generating units will be about 650 m.

Outflows from the powerhouse will be diverted through an 11.2-km long tunnel and penstock, leading to a second powerhouse. The powerhouse will contain two Pelton units at 30 MW each under a generating head of 580 m (1995–96).

Cuffs Run Pumped-Storage Project, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  Client: Mid-American and Baltimore Gas and Electric Company. Project Manager for engineering studies for FERC licensing (1993) and prefeasibility study (1978–79) of the 900-MW Cuffs Run Pumped-Storage Project. The study includes preparation of layouts and preliminary designs of major structures, development of a project construction schedule and construction cost, review of geologic and geotechnical investigation; air quality analysis, reservoir/power plant system operation, and fish protection design.

Maysville Pumped-Storage Project, Kentucky, U.S.A.  Client: American Electric Power Service Corporation and East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc. Project Engineer for the 1,000-MW Maysville Project. The project will involve use of an operating underground limestone mine as the lower reservoir. Supervised studies for technical evaluation, estimation of project construction cost, and environmental assessment of the project development (1991).

Pumped-Storage Projects, U.S.A.  Client: Various. As Harza's section head of Energy Resources Planning, supervised the planning and preparation of the FERC Preliminary Permit Application, and Initial Consultation Package for the 900-MW Pickens County Project, GA (1986-88) and the 500-MW Mississippi Valley Pumped-Storage Project, MN (1989-90). Supervised the concept study of the 80-MW Gavin Pumped-Storage Project, OH (1992–93).

Projects with Studies Conducted before Year 1991:

  • Rocky Mountain Pumped-Storage Project, Georgia, U.S.A.  Client: Oglethorpe Power Corporation

  • Upper Han River Hydroelectric Projects, Korea.  Client: Korea Electric Power Company

  • Expansion of Canaveral Hydroelectric Project, Honduras.  Client: Empresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica

  • Arenal and Corobici Hydroelectric Projects, Costa Rica.  Client: National Power Company

  • Lower Caroni River Master Plan Study, Venezuela.  Client: C.V.G. - Electrificación del Caroní

  • Expansion of Safe Harbor and Holtwood Hydroelectric Project, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  Client: Pennsylvania Power & Light and Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

  • Bath County Pumped-Storage Project, Virginia, U.S.A.  Client: Virginia Power

  • Patia and Sogamoso Hydroelectric Projects, Colombia.  Client: Instituto Colombiano de Energía Eléctrica

  • Raising of Guri Dam, Venezuela.  Client: C.V.G. – Electrificación del Caroní

  • Master Plan of Hydro Development in the Thjorsa River Basin, Iceland.  Client: National Power Company

Selected Water Resources and River Basin Development:

Optimization of Naryn-Syr Darya River System Operations, Central Asia Republics.  Client: U.S. Agency for International Development. Task Leader for a detailed evaluation of the operation of the Naryn-Syr Darya River System within the regional context, and specifically directed toward three republics: Kyrgyz Republic, Southern Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Alternative operating scenarios were formulated and evaluated, and these scenarios include various combinations of the demands for power generation, municipal/irrigation water supply, and flows into the Aral Sea Region. Power and irrigation values were estimated, and benefit-cost analyses were conducted to define the optimum policy for operating storage reservoirs on the Naryn-Syr Darya River (1998).

Chien-Min Water Storage Project, Taiwan.  Client: Taiwan Provincial Water Conservancy Bureau.  As Lead Planning Engineer, supervised planning studies on evaluation and selection of damsite and dam type, and reviewed the feasibility study performed by the Taiwanese engineers. The Chien-Min Project will consist of a storage reservoir formed by a 105-m-high dam; a transbasin diversion facility, including a diversion weir; and a 7.7-km-long water conveyance system. The project will provide firm water supply for meeting the growing water demands of the Taichang metropolitan area (1991).

Projects with Studies Conducted before Year 1991:

  • Master Plan of the Tacna and Moquegua Department, Peru.  Client: Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo (INADE)

  • Feasibility Study and Predesign of the Two Forks Project, Colorado, U.S.A.  Client: Denver Water Department

  • Feasibility Study of Alternative Storage Projects, Colorado, U.S.A.  Client: Denver Water Department

  • West Slope Division, Colorado, U.S.A.  Client: Denver Water Department

  • Raising of Gross Dam, Colorado, U.S.A.  Client: Denver Water Department

  • Master Plan of the Puyango-Tumbes Basin, Ecuador/Peru.  Client: Comisión Mixta Ecuatoriano – Peruana

Selected Rehabilitation and Upgrade of Existing Hydroelectric Projects:

TVA Conceptual Plan for Hydro Automation and Control, Tennessee, U.S.A.  Client: Tennessee Valley Authority,  Prepared analytical methodology for evaluation of costs and benefits for alternative automation plans. Conducted cost-benefit analysis of the alternative plans for automation of the operation of 30 hydroelectric plants including Raccoon Mountain Pumped-Storage plant. Selected the optimum automation plan for each of the 30 power plants, and ranked the plants based on economic returns with the automation (1994).

Condition Assessment of Existing Hydroelectric Projects, Peru.  Client: Electroperu.  As project manager, managed and conducted studies to assess conditions and limitations of civil structures, and electrical and mechanical system components of generating units at five existing hydroelectric projects in the Electroperu's North-Central Interconnected System. The five projects have a total of 21 generating units and total combined installed capacity of 1,280 MW. Generating heads of these units range from 215 to 748 meters. Determined rehabilitation requirement to maintain these projects in reliable operating conditions, and estimated cost for the rehabilitation. Evaluated the potential for expanding these projects. Results of these studies were used to determine the feasibility of privatization of the North-Central System (1993).

Modernization Studies of Hydroelectric Facilities, Texas, U.S.A.  Client: Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).  Project Engineer. LCRA operates six hydro power plants with a total of 13 generating units, and a combined operating capacity of 227.5 MW. The study included equipment condition assessment and upgrades, review of operating and maintenance practice and procedures, and staffing review. Total cost for recommended repairs, replacements, and inspections of the hydroelectric facilities for the period of 1993-2012 was estimated. Upgrading the existing generating units to increase their combined peaking capacities by 49.8 MW was recommended (1992).

Hydro Modernization and Ranking, Tennessee, U.S.A.  Client: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).  Project Manager for modernization and upgrading of the 22 TVA hydroelectric power plants which contain a total of 87 generating units with a total installed capacity of 2,705 MW. Coordinated and conducted studies to determine existing conditions of the power plants and generating units, identify modernization concepts, estimate costs and benefits, and rank and select the optimal modernization concept. As of 1999, a number of the existing generating units have been graded based on the selected concept. The increases in generating capacity and energy production with the modernization matched very closely with estimates developed in the study (1991).

Other Special Studies:

  • EPRI Adjustable Speed Hydro Study, U.S.A.  Client: Electric Power Research Institute

  • Chickamanga Main Lock, Tennessee, U.S.A.  Client: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

  • Headwater Benefits Study of the Snake River Basin, U.S.A.  Client: Federal Energy Regulating Commission (FERC)

  • Dambreak Studies, Colorado, U.S.A.  Client: Denver Water Department

  • Temperature Analysis of the Two Fork Reservoir, Colorado, U.S.A.  Client: Denver Water Department

  • Seismotectonic Investigations, Colorado, U.S.A.  Client: Denver Water Department

Technical Papers & Publications

"Expansion of the 5 de Noviembre Hydroelectric Project, El Salvador," presented at the International Conference on Hydropower, San Francisco, CA, July 1995 (V. Mendoza, E.G. Fuerta, L.L. Wang, and D. Sulkowski, co-authors).

"Optimal Unit Dispatch for Hydro Powerplants" presented at the International Conference on Hydropower, Nashville, TN, August 1993 (M.A. Severin and L.L. Wang, co-authors).

"River/Reservoir Hydropower System Model," presented at the International Conference on Hydropower, Niagara Falls, NY, August 1989 (P.G. Hartel and L.L. Wang, co-authors).

"Hydropower Simulation: An Overview," presented at the International Conference on Hydropower, Portland, OR, August 1987 (H.H. Chen and L.L. Wang, co-authors).

"Time-of-Day System Energy Costs with a Pumped-Storage Project," Proceedings of the 44th Annual American Power Conference, Chicago, IL, April 1982 (L.L. Wang, G.R. Keesecker, and H.H. Chen, co-authors).

"Economic Evaluation of Expansion of the Existing Hydroelectric Project in an Interconnected Electric System," Proceedings of the International Conference on Hydropower, Washington, DC, June 1981 (L.L. Wang, J. Rauscher, and D. Sulkowski, co-authors).

"Evaluation of Alternatives in Selection of Sites for Surface Water Impoundments," Proceedings of the Symposium on Surface Water Impoundments, Minneapolis, MN, June 1980 (J.R. Bizer and L.L. Wang, co-authors).

"Estimating Water Yields in Utah by Principal Component Analysis," Utah Water Research Laboratory Report PRWG 35a-l, Logan, UT, June 1967.

"Application of Multivariate Analysis in Predicting Water Yield," Master's Thesis, USU Graduate School of Engineering, Logan, UT, 1967.


References Available upon request.
Personal Data Nationality: USA

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