ash pond at Vindyachal Super Thermal Power Plant,

Slurry flowing into ash pond at Vindyachal Super Thermal Power Plant, one of three National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) power plants in the Singrauli region in North Eastern India. Resettlement of villages (background) displaced by the power plants and their associated ash ponds was a major issue for the World Bank's Power Generation Project (PGP). Rehabilitation of communities earlier displaced and addressing such environmental issues as potential ground water contamination, smoke stack emissions, and health and safety were World Bank conditionalities for the PGP. Al Picardi and Tod Ragsdale played a key role in formulating an environmental action plan (EAP) that included establishment of institutional capacity within NTPC, and appropriate policies, to address these problems. Both have returned on numerous World Bank supervision missions (1992-1995) to assist implementation of the EAP.