Banner for an engineering conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. "Long Live the Engineers of the World." Nepal has long placed a great deal of hope in developing its vast hydro power resources, whether in large projects such as the Arun, Pancheswar, or Chisopani Karnali, or in medium and small hydro development. The World Bank and Asian Development Bank have been instrumental in the planning for the larger projects, and private developers have entered the field in medium and small projects. The larger projects have had major resettlement and environmental issues. The Arun in Eastern Nepal was the first case of the World Bank's new Inspectorate Panel. Ragsdale prepared early drafts of a number of key management documents provided to the Inspectorate Panel, including issues of public consultation, resettlement and indigenous peoples. His World Bank working paper, "Land Acquisition and Resettlement: Issues and Procedures in Nepal," co-authored with Augusta Molnar (1991), was cited as an authoritative source in the Inspectorate Panel's final report. Ragsdale's experience in Nepal spans 1965-1995, and he has been involved in the planning at one stage or another with all of the large scale hydro projects in Nepal.