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ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STUDIES -- Conduct or evaluate full scale environmental impact studies for industrial clients both domestic and international. Such studies can include comprehensive socio-cultural evaluations and resettlement and rehabilitation programs. These studies can be tailored to meet EPA, AID, or World Bank guidelines.

photoZanghewan Pumped Storage Project, China

SITE CONTAMINATION INVESTIGATIONS -- Full scale site contamination investigations are conducted to both determine types of contaminants as well as the extent of contamination. These investigations can also include a survey of site geological and hydrogeological characteristics as well as contaminant plume modeling.

photoSprinkers, Fly Ash Storage, NTPC, India

CONTAMINATION REMEDIATION AND CLOSURE PROJECTS -- Once a contamination problem has been defined, comprehensive and cost effective remediation and closure projects can be designed to effectively clean up any site contamination problems. These projects can also include closure plans that include long term monitoring programs.

REAL ESTATE TRANSFER/MERGER-ACQUISITION ASSESSMENTS -- Phases I, II, and III assessments are conducted for clients depending on property type and past land uses. These are also applicable for "due diligence" environmental assessments for the merger and acquisition process.

photoNTPC Power Plant, Ganges River, India

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPAIRMENT LIABILITY (EIL) RISK ASSESSMENTS -- Designed to identify all potential environmentally related risks associated with commercial and industrial operations, these assessments are particularly applicable for insurance underwriting purposes. Such assessments include full regulatory compliance, loss control, waste/material management, and emergency response reviews.

POLLUTION PREVENTION/WASTE MINIMIZATION AUDITS -- These audits are designed to review facility layouts, structures, equipment, processes and waste treatment operations and mechanisms to control or prevent unnecessary material losses. They can either be comprehensive for an entire facility or specific to a certain process or operation.

WETLAND DELINEATIONS -- Services can range from simple wetland area identification to full wetland area delineations conducted based on the joint designations developed by the CE, EPA, FWS, and SCS.

photoNTPC Ashpond Flora, India

WETLAND RESTORATION/DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS -- Environment and Social Assessment Group can provide comprehensive restoration or development services including planning, design, species selection, and project management.

STORM WATER MANAGEMENT AND RUNOFF CONTROL PROJECTS -- Control of contaminant migration through the collection and treatment of storm water runoff ranging from simple sediment removal to treatment systems for the removal of organic and/or inorganic contaminants.

PROPERTY VALUE ENHANCEMENT PROJECTS -- Incorporating ecologically unusual or important areas (e.g., wetlands or stream valleys) of a site can enhance the value of a property. These projects are designed to make such areas a useful and enjoyable part of the site.

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