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Leei-Luoh Wang's CV

Zhanghewan Pumped-Storage Project

Lower reservoir of the 1000-MW Zhanghewan Pumped-Storage Project in Hepei Province, China. Beijing, Capitol of China, is located in the Hepei Province.

The Hepei Power Corporation submitted a loan application to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for construction of the Zhanghewan Project. In 1995, Dr. Tod Ragsdale, Dr. John Bizer, and Mr. Leei-Luoh Wang, of MESAS, served as staff consultants to ADB. They evaluated potential impacts of project implementation on resettlement and environment, reviewed proposed mitigation measures and management plans, the need for the project to serve the regional power system, and the economic attractiveness of the project. They continued to serve as short-term consultants to ADB for this project during the period of 1996 through 2001.