Lynne Russell:
A Truly Unique Individual

This set of pages is dedicated to CNN's Lynne Russell, one of the most unique news anchors currently in the business. I'm always on the lookout for new material, so please email me if you have anything to add!

WHY do these pages?

Several of my friends have asked me (usually with the body language & inflection of voice one would associate with a ragged mountaineer who was just told by the mountaintop swami that no, he wouldn't tell him the meaning of life) why the dickens I'm spending time and effort on a set of pages about Lynne Russell... and more than a few of them have indicated that they don't consider this to be entirely healthy behavior.

The answer is quite simple: I admire those individuals who are able to go beyond the usual bounds of day-to-day life in a unique, constructive manner, and who in some way add to the life of others by doing so. So why Lynne Russell? Because...

So now you know why I did these pages.

About Lynne Russell...

In addition to reporting breaking stories in a way that both gives you the information and gives you a good idea of exactly what she thinks of the story (unlike many "talking heads" who merely feed words from the teleprompter to the microphone), Lynne is a unique individual in her own right... after all, how many red-haired, judo-practicing, gun-toting, good-looking registered PI newsanchors who are also sheriff's deputies and wives and mothers can there be? <grin>

In addition, unlike many news anchors who may occasionally be written about in local publications (and this is not to put them down -- many are performing important, difficult, and helpful functions that are badly needed in their communities!), Lynne has been featured in People Weekly (Vol 41 No 24, 27-Jun-94), Atlanta Magazine (April 1995), and The Saturday Evening Post (June 1995), where she even made the cover. Equally unusually, she was a guest on the Conan O'Brien show -- not many news anchors show up as guests on national talk shows!

As I point out in my news anchors page, Lynne is a member of that group of people who have that killer combination (for me, anyway) of being attractive both in physical appearance and "between the ears:" she's not only very nice to look at, but she can also carry an educated, meaningful conversation, has a real awareness of the world around her, and plays an active role in that world.


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Lynne's On-Air Looks

This section is still (very much) under construction -- please bear with me on this, gang!

Here is an assortment of Lynne's various "looks" -- she seems to have a number of different on-air personas, all of which share her unique delivery. Click on any thumbnail to download the full-size pic to your system. Note: these are vidcap images taken from an (old) VHS machine, so please don't expect portrait-quality pics! The images are all JPEGs and average 32K in size. All images are ©1995 and ©1996 Cable News Network.

Lynne in peach


Lynne in black


Lynne in olive green

"You've got to
believe me!"

Lynne in brown

"I could be
a brunette"

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Here are some career highlights drawn from Lynne's bio on the CNN web pages:

In addition to her work for CNN, Lynne works as a detective "about 10 hours a week," is a Fulton County Deputy Sheriff, and occasionally works as a bodyguard for visiting stars & celebrities.

Oh, and one additional point... In 1993, Lynne became the first recipient of the St. Bonaventure University "Jandoli School of Journalism Award for Excellence in Responsible Journalism."

Unique enough for y'all? <grin>

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