Does Gaia's Health Depend on Humans?

[excerpted from GAIA-L Discussions]

I have read several messages on this list refering to Gaia's imminent death if we do not change our behavior. I just want to clarify one thing: Gaia is in no danger. As long as there is some form of biosphere to carry on self-regulatory functions (i.e. microorganisms), Gaia will be fine. To quote Lynn Margulis "Gaia is one tough bitch."

What _is_ in danger is humanity's role in being a part of Gaia. Gaia will eject a species that compromises Her functioning much in the same way our systems will identify and kill microorganisms that cause us bad health. Face it, many of this list's participants' concerns about "Gaia" are actually concerns about the continuation of the human species and other charismatic megafauna.

The amount of microbial diversity is INCREDIBLE, and Gaia existed with nothing BUT microorganisms for several billions of years. I cannot think of a scenario in which humankind could seriously threaten this diversity.

I'm not saying that _i_ don't care about the human race (although i am somewhat of a misanthrope), i am simply asking that people understand the distinction being Gaia being threatened with destruction and humanity being threatened destruction.

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