When China Burps, the World Shakes These corrections to previously shared incredible (and incorrect) data still border the incredible:

  1. If all Chinese adults drink three beers in a year, the needed amount of grain to produce this is 1,080 thousand tons of grain, which is equal to the total Norwegian grain-production.
  2. In 1994 China had a surplus of 8 millions ton of grain, in 1995 China had a shortage of 16 millions ton of grain, this shift of 24 millions ton is equal to the total grain-export of Canada.
reference : Milieupublicist Lester Brown voorziet toenemende voedseltekorten in de hele wereld. (Environmental-publisher Lester Brown foresees increasing food-shortages in the whole world). In the Dutch newspaper 'De Volkskrant' 3-february-1996.

Another point Lester Brown describes is that China's food-demand is rising, but because of their growing economy they can fulfill the rising grain-prices but will become more dependent on the US (who export almost 50 percent of the total world grain-export). The problem however will be resulting increase of grain-prices, because the poor people in the mega-cities in development countries already have to spend 70 percent of their income on food to be able to survive. Doubling the grain-prices will become live- threatening for them, which means increasing political instability etc.

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