A correspondent writes:

I have recently learned the details of the Swedish program 'The Natural Step' which I humbly bring to your attention.

Natural Step is a learning, motivating and strategic planning tool applicable to organisations of all types and sizes which re-orients the organisation toward a truly sustainable future.

Natural Step started in 1988 in Sweden by Karl-Henrik Robert, the underlying principles and ideas come from the consensus of around 100 scientists, developed in 21 iterations (drafts).

It has been implemented with excellent results by a wide range of organisations (in Sweden) such as:

The Natural Step principles simplify, without reducing to triviality, the fundamental underpinnings for sustainable life on the earth.

They treat the biosphere or 'nature' as a total system, in a somewhat parallel way to the Gaia concepts.

Again, I will not use up your resources here; you can access my introductory summary.

Cheers Michael Pitcher,

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