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Dietmar Tietz

Science & Technology Management

  • Executive & Senior Management
  • Program & Project Management (PMP, Six Sigma)
  • Product Development / R&D / Innovation
  • Biomedicine & Bioscience (Ph.D.)
  • Information Technology (ITIL v3)
  • Publishing
Selected publications:

D Tietz: Tips for Stagnant Projects and Improving Efficiency/Profitability. PMI Baltimore Newsletter, January (2012),

D Tietz: Vaccine fingerprinting: An innovative technique for the analysis of virus-sized nanoparticles. SciTopics (2010),


Innovative Method For Quality Control of High Molecular Weight Semi-synthetic Vaccines
   (ppt, 2 MB) - Presented at the 2nd Biomedical World Conference on Magic Bullets (Paul Ehrlich II), Nuremberg, Germany 2008.

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