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Welcome to the newly revamped Q's Surf Link Page! I have been organizing and adding things. This page is really under construction, so don't be surprised if you find a bad link.

These are various links that I use frequently to support my habit (surfing). I have the unfortunate circumstance of being an East Coast surfer who is landlocked. Thank God for the internet! I hope you find these links as useful as I do. For those of you who live on the left coast, sorry about the bias.

Last modified 4/30/1998. I'll add many more when I have time.

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Surf Forecasting Links

East Coast Surf Info's Wave Modelling Page
Navy FNMOC Wave Analysis Model (nice 4-panel composite)
Navy FNMOC Wave Analysis Model (Direct Link)

Real Time! Live Video (From SurfLine/Wavetrak)

Live Ala Mo' (Town)
Live Pipe (Country)

Near Real Time Surf Data

Interactive Buoy Reports From FSU
SE US Buoy Map
A Table of all the Buoys on the SE US map (this doesn't always work)
The Latest From the Delaware Light
The Latest From Diamond Shoals
Interactive Buoy Reports Direct From NOAA NDBC
SE US Buoy Map
The Latest From the Delaware Light
The Latest From Diamond Shoals
Offshore Weather Data (Penn State's Buoy Page)

Local Surf Shop Reports

Malibu's (Ocean City, MD) Surf Report


SurfLine's Main Page
SurfLine's Long Beach Island, NJ Surf Report
SurfLine's Ocean City, MD Surf Report
SurfLine's Cape Hatteras, NC Surf Report

Coastal Waters Forecasts

Maryland Coastal Waters Forecast
New Jersey Coastal Waters Forecast
North Carolina Coastal Waters Forecast
NOAA Coastal Forecast for Maryland
NOAA Coastal Forecast for North Carolina

Storm du jour (was ERIKA, this will contain temporary links to a current Hurricane when appropriate).

TPC/NHC Text Forecast/Advisory
TPC/NHC Text Discussion
TPC/NHC Text Public
TPC/NHC Graphic Coastal Watches/Warnings
TPC/NHC Graphic Strike Probabilities
TPC/NHC Graphic Cumulative Wind Distribution
Intellicast's Atlantic Satellite
Intellicast Atlantic Tropical IR Sector
Intellicast Tropical System Tracking Chart
Color Infrared of the Atlantic (120k)
Color Infrared of the Caribbean
Polar IR/Vis of East Coast
Satellite IR plus Surface Wind/Pressure GOES-8 Atlantic
Caribbean GOES-8 IR/VIS + 12hr grid Forecast
Storm Centered IR Image

Miscellaneous Stuff I Haven't Categorized yet.

Navy's surface pressure, temp, etc. analysis model
Another Surface Map
Intellicast's Atlantic Satellite
Intellicast's Animated National Satellite Loop
Other images from Intellicast (good satellite shots and surface maps)
Tropical Prediction/National Hurricane Center
Tropical Prediction/National Hurricane Center (Atlantic Discussion)
Hank's quick list (lots of stuff here)
Weathernet from Channel 4 (Washington, DC)
Country Surfboards (responsible for most of my quiver)
Daily Shots from Waimea Bay
SurfSpot Surf Cameras
Sunset Beach Cam
Yahoo's Surfing Links
The Spicoli Page

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