Welcome Jocelyn Dori Merkin!

Jocelyn as a newborn

Today we put our hands together for a big Earth-wide welcome for humanity's newest sister, Jocelyn Dori Merkin, who was born at 3:01 pm (EDT) on July 11, 1999, to Lisa Shapero and David Charles Merkin. Jocelyn weighs 6 lbs., 4 oz. and is 19 inches long. (Nice work, kids.)

Pictures with the beaming grandparents will follow as soon as they figure out how to use this %v@& camera.

Jocelyn with her dad Jocelyn with her mom Jocelyn with Grandpa Al
Jocelyn paying no attention to Dad. Jocelyn paying no attention to Mom. Jocelyn doting on Grandpa Al.
Jocelyn with her Grandma Linda Jocelyn in a hat Jocelyn at 4 months
Jocelyn, now seven weeks old and happy as can be, with Grandma Linda. Well? Do you like the hat? I like the hat. I think it's me! Got it? The big, tall one's mine. You can have the skinny, goofy-looking guy.
Jocelyn in baby seat Jocelyn with a stuffed dog Jocelyn being held by her cousin Andy from Alaska
Mommy, I have so many questions. Like, what happened to your big toes? ... and, if it's Daddy's birthday, how come I get the stuffed dog? Are you certain this guy won't drop me?
Jocelyn's folks with David's cousins from Alaska Jocelyn with her dad Jocelyn with her 1st birthday cake all over her face
Those are my big cousins there with Mommy and Daddy. It's nice when Daddy holds me. Now this is how to celebrate a birthday!
Jocelyn with her mom Jocelyn at one year
One year old, Mommy. Can you believe it? I'm outta here.  
Maury R. Merkin
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