"'Tis a most marvelous day," sang the elephants.
"Jackie Lane at last is here."

Lane at 16 days

At 3:37 this morning (September 15, 1998), my daughter Jill and my son-in-law Billy presented me with my first grandchild, Lane.
(More formally: Jacqueline Lane McGriff.)

Lane at day 1 Lane's first hour home Lane at one month
Lane on day 1. Lane's first day home! Can you believe it? Already one month old!
Lane with Nellie Lane at 6 months Lane at 9 months
Nellie and her new playmate. Now six months old and gettin' sooooo big. Clean (as a whistle) at nine months.
Lane with Grandpa Maury Adament Lane Lane, 11-25-99
With Grandpa Maury, Uncle David (the Yankee) and Cousin Jocelyn. "Now look here! This is gonna be done my way or not at all." "Mommy, are those yams? Put me down so I can get at those yams."
Lane feeding a goat Lane on Yoyo, the brahma bull  
"Look, Daddy! What a beautiful fence." "Okay, Uncle David. You can let go any time now."
Maury Merkin
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