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For a very short period of time (just about five years) I was a songwriter. I have been performing other people's songs since I was about six but one Saturday morning I sat at the breakfast table and wrote a song. The whole song. Lyrics and music. I had never done anything like that before.

The very next evening three friends and I performed it at Garvin's here in D.C. The audience wasn't nearly as enchanted as I was but we hadn't rehearsed it much and I was convinced that it wasn't the song, it was our performance which caused this disconnect. Now, twenty years later, I find the song embarrassing and doubt that any audience would ever find it entertaining but it was my first song ever and I am proud of it even as I am embarrassed by it.

For about five years I continued to write songs. At first they came to me (I have no other way of describing the process) about one a month. Later it was neither that regular nor that frequent an occurence but the later songs have a much more professional quality about them. Some, I suspect, are going to be commercial successes. Then, they just stopped coming. It's been a little over fifteen years since.the last song I wrote.

So, I decided last summer to honor those years by going into a studio and recording all of my songs. (Well, not all of them. Only the songs that don't embarrass me.) And the project is finally completed. There's a lot about the CD that I'm excited by but I don't want to let all of my cats out of the bag and, besides, you wouldn't expect the composer, lyricist, producer and performer of a new CD to say anything about it that wouldn't sound boastful. If you're really interested look at the links below.

Please mail any comments, suggestions or criticisms to Maury Merkin
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