Digital Digital Network Profiles

In June, 2005, I got to thinking about how to make it easier for people who are new to the Digital Divide Network to quickly meet the people who are already here. Suppose somebody only had an hour to survey the people who are here. Is there a way for them to do that?

Yes, there is. The first step is to download and install a free Firefox extension named Linky. Linky lets you open many links on a web site with just a few mouse clicks.

Choose any of the seven web pages listed below. After the page has loaded, right mouse click on any link. (On the Mac, hold down the control key and mouse click on any link.) A Linky contextual menu will pop up. Tell Linky you would like to open the links in tabs within Firefox.

Firefox will then load up to 20 DDN profiles in one fell swoop. With a high speed Internet connection it takes less than 30 seconds to load 20 DDN profiles. You can then quickly jump between the profiles by clicking on the small tabs in your Firefox browser.

To close all tabs, right mouse click on any tab. (On Macs, hold down the control key and mouse click on any tab.) Firefox apparently does not like to open more than 20 tabs at once, so you do need to close tabs before opening a bunch of tabs on another site.

After closing all tabs, choose another web site with DDN profiles. Repeat the above steps.

Digital Divide Network Profiles 1

Digital Divide Network Profiles 2

Digital Divide Network Profiles 3

Digital Divide Network Profiles 4

Digital Divide Network Profiles 5

Digital Divide Network Profiles 6

Digital Divide Network Profiles 7

Digital Divide Network Profiles 8

If I missed including your DDN profile in the above list, do please let me know. Phil Shapiro,

I learned about Linky from Jon Udell. Thanks, Jon. Grateful thanks to the creator of Linky, Henrik Gemal, too.