Phil Shapiro Websequiturs

The following are some fun reading exercises created with the wonderful Websequitur software for Windows 95/98/ME and XP. I created these on my iMac using Virtual PC 3.0 with Windows 98. Websequitur is a bargain for the capabilities it offers. The price is 20 pounds sterling, which works out to be about $30 to $35 in U.S. funds. After you register to buy this software, a registration ID and code will be sent to you via email.

What do I like best about this software? This program lets me concentrate on the creative writing part of making learning exercises of this kind.

These learning exercises can be played on the web or by opening these files in a browser from floppy disks, CD-ROM's or hard drives. If you're involved in recycling computers, you're welcome to install this archive of these files on computers you're recycling.

Phil Shapiro
Arlington, Virginia

Directions - Click on the letter A, B, or C to choose the first phrase (or next phrase) in the following stories and nonfiction reading passages. If your choice is correct, the phrase will jump down to be added to the story or reading passage. The scoring part of this exercise is not all that important, although stronger readers may enjoy striving for a 100 percent score. Lastly, I recommend increasing the font size in your web browser to make these exercises visually appealing.

They Forgot to Plant an Acorn on the Moon

(The true story of how the Apollo 11 astronauts forgot to plant the acorn they took with them to the moon.)

The Story of a Young Artist

(A story about a student who discovers the parallel satisfaction between creating art and writing articles for her school newspaper.)

Saul's Question

(The story of a young boy who goes on an information hunting quest to his local public library.)

The Story of Tommy Trimble

(The story of what happens after Tommy buys a lawn edge trimmer.)

The Great Ping Pong Ball Experiment

(This short story tells about the adventures of a ping pong ball floating down the Nile River.)

An Ordinary Mother

(This story is about an ordinary mother who dissassembles a construction crane that was left in her back yard.)

Patty the Pigeon

(This is a story of a pigeon who sneaks onto an Amtrak train in Washington DC and travels all the way to Boston.)

Ellen the Eagle Needs Glasses

(This is a light-hearted story is about an eagle who comes to terms with her vision problems.)

When the Clock Was Sick

(What do you do when you have a sick clock? Take it to the clockerenarian,of course.)

The Ice Cube Club

(What should a neighborhood do if they love to go sledding, but don't get enough snow? Find out in this story. Co-authored with the Benson family of Bethesda, Maryland.)


(Arnold's adventures in a reading competion)

The Story of How the Raymond Firehouse School Started

(A school in a firehouse? Sure. Find out how.)

The Story of the Six Blind Men

(An updated version of the classic fable from India.)

Vern's Videotape

(Vern, a well-meaning father with a camcorder, learns an important lesson from his daughter.)

Nonfiction Reading Passages

The Story of Louis Braille

The Story of Milton Hershey

New World Vegetables

My Old Hardware Store

Folding Maps

Bicycle Helmets

Driving On Ice

The Invention of the Steam Engine

Palm Trees in Ireland

Some Thoughts on Taming Hurricanes

Satirical and Humorous Reading Passages

Tips for Paddling Across the Panama Canal in a Canoe

Tips for Spackling and Plastering a Black Hole

Marketing Freeze Dried Water

Expanding the Grand Canyon

The United States Mint

How to Ship a Submarine from San Diego to Denver

Water Flow on the Mississippi

In Praise of Foibles

Setting Up a Database for Lost and Misplaced Items

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