Which Number is Increasing?

This web page gives information about the shareware Macintosh game called Which Number is Increasing? This game runs on Macintoshes from the Mac Plus (circa 1986) to the dual-processor G5 with Classic installed. It will not run on Intel Macs unless you use some kind of emulation for an older Mac. You can quickly learn about this game in this short screencast on YouTube.

The latest version of the game can be downloaded here.

Which Number is Increasing? is a fun shareware math game that is most enjoyed by students from 1st to 3rd grade. The game was designed to help teach general number pattern recognition skills.

At the start of a new game, six rectangular sections appear on the screen. Each section has a number increasing at different increments. The program will ask the user to identify which number is increasing by fives, by tens, by fifties, etc.

The level of difficult of the questions can be controlled, so that the program can be tailored more to beginning, or advanced students. The speed at which the numbers appear on the screen can also be controlled. Speed control is very precise, using a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the game screen.

This program runs on just about any Macintosh, from the Mac Plus on up. It will run under System 6.0.7, System 7, System 8 and System 9. It also runs on a Mac Plus (or SE) without a hard drive, so please haul those things back out of the closet and get some young kids using them.

To get an idea of how the program works before downloading it, here is an animated GIF that shows screens from the game.

Further News About the Program

In July, 1999, Which Number is Increasing? was licensed to 150 elementary schools in Sydney, Australia. An article about the game appeared on the front page of the Arlington Journal, the county newspaper here in Arlington, Virginia. (Scanned copy of the article --- takes a while to transfer if you're using a modem.)

Origins of the Game

This game had its origins on Apple II computers. The Apple II version runs on any 64K Apple II+ and higher. Feedback and ideas for improvement can be sent to me at: pshapiro@his.com

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