Lodging/housing/hospitality with local Sacred Harp singers

To request lodging/housing hosted by local singers, contact Gillie Campbell at gilliec18 at gmail dot com as soon as possible, because the demand may exceed the number of available rooms. Be sure to mention any requirements with respect to allergies, smoking, pets, etc.

Hotel recommendations

There is no official hotel for the convention. Hotels in the Washington area and Arlington, VA tend to be expensive, particularly during cherry blossom time and when booking late. Arlington has hotels of several reputable chains such as Marriott, Westin, Choice, Hilton, Holiday Inn, and Hyatt. One can identify and compare hotels in Arlington on TripAdvisor's Map View. Based on TripAdvisor information, three hotels not far from the convention venue are recommended here, while two budget choices are also listed but not recommended unless cost is an overriding consideration.

Recommended hotels (not exhaustive list):

Budget hotels (not recommended unless cost or walking distance is the paramount consideration):

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