Lodging with local Sacred Harp singers

To request lodging hosted by local singers, contact Gillie Campbell at gilliec18 at gmail dot com as soon as possible, because the demand may exceed the number of available rooms. Be sure to mention any requirements with respect to allergies, smoking, pets, etc.

Hotel recommendations

There is no official hotel for the convention. Two groups of hotels are listed below, the first near the Saturday location in Falls Church and the second relatively near the Sunday location in Great Falls but still 6-8 miles away, as there seem to be no hotels or even standard bed-and-breakfasts in Great Falls or the immediate area. (Airbnb options may exist; one should consult airbnb directories.) When booking hotels, consider factors such as quality ratings and reviews on TripAdvisor.com, membership in loyalty programs of hotel chains, and discount rates (AAA, senior, government). Because the convention dates are in the cherry blossom season (or at least during the Cherry Blossom Festival), cheaper rooms at these hotels during these dates may go quickly.

Hotels near the Saturday singing in Falls Church:

The following hotels are recommended based mainly on the TripAdvisor ratings and reviews, as well as being in well-regarded national hotel chains:

Hotels near the Sunday singing in Great Falls:

There are numerous 2- and 3- hotels along the business and commercials areas of Route 7 in the Tysons Corner area and westward toward Dulles Airport. Two are listed below and chosen because of their relatively low rates and good TripAdvisor reviews:

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