Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 05:17:28 EST
To: Trawler World 
Subject: Manatee Stability Figures

  I have located Mr.Krogens' letter to Mr. Nolan, of Boat US of Sept '93 , and
his stability Report of the Manatee.  The package totals about 30 pages and
is, I feel, to long to post on the list.  Contents include:

      Condition Sheets at Half and Full Load
     Intact Stability - Plot of Righting Arms, 1/2 load and at 1/2 load
corrected for free surface, USCG Small Passenger Vessel Stability
Criteria-46  CFR Ch1-171.020 &.030


     APPENDICES: Stability Test Data 
                              Hydrostatics as Inclined 
                              SHCP Intact Stability Output to Bulwark 
                              SHCP Stability Output to Cockpit Sole
                              Stability Criteria IMO A / ES. IV / Res 167

      Mr. Krogens letter states that these figures  were run with a boat that
"carried a 10 foot fiberglass dinghy  and that the inclining experiment
resulted in a GM of 4.63 ft.and 4.61 ft. in the half and full load conditions
respectively " 

       I will be glad to copy the whole lot and send em to who ever wants em.
I figure about 5 / 6 bucks should almost cover the costs of copying, postage,
etc. Contact me privately should you want one of your very own. 
       My Dis - Disclaimer -- I have a hoped for fiduciary relationship to
this get rich quick scheme -- and pledge any and all profits will be spent on
horses, women drink and golf -- not necessarily in that order. 
                                                      MV Mrs. Hudson