From: (Bryant Vann)
Subject: Re: July cruise, doing it the hard way
Date: June 22, 1999

>Horn Harbor on the Great Wicomico. A little tight getting in but a neat 
>little spot to anchor. 

>There's also a nice creek to anchor in if you 
>bear left just inside the mouth of the Great Wicomico.

-> Mill Creek

>Grog Island at the mouth of Dymer Creek is a neat and convenient place 
>to stop. I has an almost tropical feel to it. 

Here's a shot of the eastern beach on Grog Island.  I don't know if I'd call this "tropical," 
but at least somebody has arranged for the newspaper to be delivered!  Not bad for a 
DESERTED island!

The News on Grog Island
>For a Marina stop, you can't beat the Tides Lodge on Carter Creek off >the Rappahannock. Here's a photo of the transient dock at Tides Lodge -- they even have BELL HOPS at the dock! Also TWO swimming pools -- one fresh, one salt -- take your pick!
Tides Lodge
Actualy, THIS is Tides INN, a bit more formal and just across the creek from Tides Lodge... BTW, that's the Lodge yacht, Miss Ann, out in front!
Tides Inn
>A little further up the Rappahannock, there are lots of nice spots to >anchor in the Corrotoman R. We agree with all of these (and the others as well)! You may need a bow thruster to maneuver through the narrow entrance to Horn Harbor, but there's plenty of water both there and inside. Just stay in the middle of the white sand on either side going in. There's also a restaurant on the water just a little further up the river. Here's a photo of the entrance -- from the INSIDE!. You approach the entrance from the river beyond DIRECTLY toward the shoal you see dead ahead. When you are a few YARDS from the shoal, turn 90 degrees to port and proceed BETWEEN the two shoals -- they are about 15 yards (at most) apart. Once just past the shoal on starboard, turn hard BACK to starboard and run parallel to the OTHER side until you're inside -- roughly at the spot where this photo was taken. Just follow the red lines to the red dots -- it's THAT easy!!!! Be sure to keep an eagle eye on the depthsounder!
The entrance to Horn Harbor
Once you're anchored inside this snug harbor, you'll look as peaceful as this Pacific Seacraft 34.
Sailboat anchored snugly in the Harbor
Check out the cable ferry on the west branch of the Carrotoman (pronouced by the locals "Carrot-toh'-man"). Here's a photo of it -- just DON'T pass in front of the ferry (or close behind) or you'll HIT the CABLE!
Carrotoman West Branch cable ferry
Also be SURE to take the dinghy up all the little creeks and coves on both branches. And check out THIS Carrotoman anchorage too! (Hey, this is MY kind of beach!)
Carrotoman Anchorage
I'd like to add to the list the lovely Town of Urbanna on the southern shore of the Rappahannock, just west of the Carrotoman -- several nice restaurants, old homes to enjoy, a great market within easy walking distance of the Urbanna Yachting Center Marina (check out the pizza at the restuarant just up the hill from there), some room to anchor. We almost ALWAYS anchor out, but at Urbanna, we stop at the UYC t-dock. Here's one of the lovely homes there:
Urbanna home
- Bryant M/V Salty Lady, KK42 Galesville, MD PS. Don't forget you're in Bob Smith country there! Give him a call in Kilmarnock if you want your F-L engine checked stem to stern! One question though... Have you thought about the wonderful rivers (and their tributaries) near the MOUTH of the Potomac -- St. Mary's, Coan, and Yeocomico? This photo is a Buy Boat on the Yeocomico River near Kinsale.
A Buy Boat on the Yeocomico