16.1 Who put this FAQ together?

Bryant Vann, owner since 1994 of 1986 Krogen 42, hull #113, Salty Lady, Galesville, MD. Member of Krogen Cruisers. Dreaming boats since 1950. Sailing since 1957. Cruising the Chesapeake Bay since 1979. Serving as ship's Captain, Navigator, Pilot, Boatswain, Deck Hand, Stevadore, Rigger, Engineer, Mechanic, Electrician, Plumber, Photographer/Videographer...

16.2 How can I contribute to this FAQ?

Just drop me a line via email with any comments, suggestions, corrections, or contributions (including new questions and their answers, if possible) to the adddress in the introduction to the FAQ.

16.3 May I distribute this FAQ?

Copyright is claimed by Bryant Vann, the author. However, permission hereby is granted for this document to be reproduced and distributed as long as the following is met: 1) It is always copied in whole, unchanged and with this notice intact, and 2) not sold, distributed commercially or otherwise used for financial gain; and 3) no work derived from this work may be distributed or offered for any fee.