11 The Owners Clubs

11.1 Krogen Cruisers

An informal group, this is largely a US East Coast club, although it has members from Michigan to Texas, Canada to Florida (25% of the members), and the Chesapeake Bay (33% of the members) to California and Oregon, plus Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai. As of November 1997, it had well over 100 member boats and over 185 memberships altogether. It publishes a 25 to 50 page newsletter quarterly (back issues are available and all contain highly useful information on operating, maintaining, upgrading, and generally enjoying Krogens) and sponsors several get-togethers, both afloat and ashore, throughout the year. Its motto is "A group of serious cruisers who don't take themselves too seriously." No president or commodore and NO by-laws! Although for many years it was open only to current and previous owners of Krogen boats, increasing interest by Krogen "wannabes" has persuaded the owners to open membership to them, as well. It's a great way to meet some super people and learn more if you're thinking of buying one. For membership information, contact Jim & Sallye Woodward, Treasurer and Homeport Hostess, 298 Village Square #120, Loudon, TN 37774, or email: woodwardjr@juno.com.

11.2 Krogen Cruising Club

For membership information, contact Chuck Glynn (also a member of Krogen Cruisers), 75 Orchard Road, Orinda, CA 94563.

11.3 Northwest Kadey Krogen Owners

This Krogen group encompasses Krogen owners in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska.

For membership information, contact Sam and Marvol Barnard, NWKROGEN@HOTMAIL.COM, or P.O. Box 6413, Sitka, AK 99834. Here's a little about Sam and Marvol and the NWKKO (from an email I received in November 1997 -- and updated by an email in November 1999):

A brief history of us: Sam and Marvol Barnard, of Fairbanks, Alaska, left Fairbanks in 1987 in the quest of a Krogen 42, after seeing one (next to a GB 42) at the Seattle Boat Show. We found our baby near Seattle in June 1987, bought her, and moved aboard "Princess" (hull #32). We have made our home in Alaska ever since. Prior to leaving Puget Sound, we searched out and found as many other Krogens and their owners as possible, and in August 1987, began publication of the first Krogen newsletter.

After a "brief" interlude, have the newsletter back. They will be twice yearly. There are 2 Krog-ins per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

We have been living aboard and loving our boat since 1987 ...have no plans to change that great lifestyle.

11.4 The North Coast Krogen Gang

For membership information, contact George Rowcliffe (also a member of Krogen Cruisers), P.O. Box 21610, Columbus, OH 43221