The Krogen FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Version 1.02 - January 11, 1998

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        Bryant Vann,


Many Krogen owners have had the experience of folks inquiring about our "salty" boats. Many, like me, never seem to have all the answers on the tip of their tongue. Here's my attempt to describe our boats and some of their characteristics.

This FAQ is a collection of information and pointers to other information sources on the boats produced by Kadey-Krogen Yachts and other closely related topics. Please note: I am in no way connected with any company or dealer/broker mentioned herein.

It's focused mainly on the 42' trawler, since that's what I own (her name is SALTY LADY) and know the most about. Additional contributions are welcomed, and I'll be glad to add details of the others, if you'll send them to me. I am particularly interested in information that would fill in any of the blanks that remain.

My special thanks to Ed Buddemeyer, ENDURANCE, for graciously granting permission to reprint his memorandum on Powerboat Characteristics for all to enjoy. Also thanks to Gale Mutum, JUST US TWO, and Grant Breining, CARINYA, for providing some tough-to-find details. Another special thanks to Grant and his first mate, Astaar, for introducing us to Krogens in the first place.

(Krogen, a Swedish word for restaurant, I think!)

The following topics are addressed:

    1)  Overview of the Kadey-Krogen production boats
    1.1)  36' Manatee
    1.2)  38' Cutter
    1.3)  39' Trawler
    1.4)  42' Trawler
    1.5)  48' Whaleback
    1.6)  48' Trawler
    1.7)  54' Trawler

    2)  The 36' Manatee
    2.1)  Technical Description and Features
    2.2)  Production History and Variations
    2.3)  Operating Characteristics and Discussion

    3)  The 38' Cutter
    3.1)  Technical Description and Features
    3.2)  Production History and Variations
    3.3)  Operating Characteristics and Discussion

    4)  The 39' Trawler
    4.1)  Technical Description and Features
    4.2)  Production History
    4.3)  Operating Characteristics and Discussion

    5)  The 42' Trawler
    5.1)  Technical Description and Features
    5.2)  Production History and Variations
    5.3)  Operating Characteristics and Discussion

    6)  The 48' Whaleback
    6.1)  Technical Description and Features
    6.2)  Production History and Variations
    6.3)  Operating Characteristics and Discussion

    7)  The 48' Trawler
    7.1)  Technical Description and Features
    7.2)  Production History and Variations
    7.3)  Operating Characteristics and Discussion

    8)  The 54' Trawler
    8.1)  Technical Description and Features
    8.2)  Production History and Variations
    8.3)  Operating Characteristics and Discussion

    9)  Some General Information on Krogen-like Boats
    9.1)  Full-displacement Boats - A Comparison With Other "Trawler"
    9.2)  Single Engine or Twin? - Some Comparisons
    9.3)  Backing A Single-Screw Trawler into a Slip -- Springing a Pile
    9.4)  Backing her in -- with dignity and grace!

   10  Ritual Cocktail

   11)  The Owners Clubs
   11.1)  Krogen Cruisers
   11.2)  Krogen Cruising Club
   11.3)  Northwest Kadey Krogen Owners
   11.4)  The North Coast Krogen Gang

   11)  References
   11.1)  Books
   11.2)  Magazine Articles

   13)  Where can I find used Krogens on the Internet?

   14)  Where can I find folks shopping for a used Krogen on the 

   15)  The Company
   15.1)  Krogen Dealers/Brokers

   16.1)  Who put this FAQ together?
   16.2)  How can I contribute to this FAQ?
   16.3)  May I distribute this FAQ?



0  Obligatory Disclaimer:
      I believe the information provided is reasonably accurate.   However, NO 
      warranty of any kind of its accuracy is provided or implied, and NONE 
      can be assumed.  I assume NO liability of ANY kind for damages resulting 
      from its use for any purpose.  This FAQ is not intended to provide 
      rigorous technical information on these vessels, but just to provide a 
      general description and discussion of the them, as might be of interest 
      to a potential owner or operator.