1 Overview of the Kadey-Krogen Production Boats

1.1 36' Manatee - trawler type, about 100 made, not currently in production. Amazingly roomy interior for its length. Many used by live-aboards and full-time cruisers. (Don't let the snub-nosed profile put you off!)

1.2 38' Cutter - A real cruising sailboat. Unique, twin keel (fore and aft) design.

1.3 39' Trawler - a new boat in 1998. Scaled down replacement for the 42' Trawler, for which production ceased in 1997.

1.4 42' Trawler - about 200 made over about 20 years, no longer in production. Very popular with full-time coastal cruisers and live-aboards. Some used as passagemakers, as well.

1.5 48' Whaleback - recent addition to the line, roughly a dozen made to date, still in production. Called by some a "Manatee on steroids." Incredibly roomy interior. Outstanding live-aboard boat.

1.6 48' Trawler - hull #1 shipped to US in late '95. Looks almost exactly like a 42' Trawler scaled up. Hull is made from same mold as 48' Whaleback. Same technical and performance specifications as the 48' Whaleback.

1.7 54' Trawler - ketch-rigged trawler. Eight of them built.