12 References

12.1 Books

Voyaging Under Power, 3rd ed., Robert Bebee & Jim Leishman, 1994, International Marine, excellent discussion of full-displacement trawler yachts in general - focus on Nordhavn 46 (produced by Leishman's company, Pacific Asian Enterprises), several pages of description, discussion, and comments on the Krogen 42 trawler and several others of the type. Discusses the significance of D/L, prismatic coefficient (PC), etc. - how to calculate and how to use these parameters in evaluating performance. Excellent discussion on passagemaking and cruising on powerboats. Also discusses the design and use of flopperstoppers underway to minimize rolling.

Buyer's Guide to Motor Yachts & Trawlers, Ed McNew and Mark Parker, 1995 Edition. Pages on Krogen Manatee, 42' Trawler, and 48' Whaleback. Includes descriptions and prices of used boats. This book also includes similar information on the various makes of semi-displacement trawler-type boats.

Boat Handling Under Power - A Motorboat and Yacht Owners' Guide, John Mellor, Paperback Edition 1993, Sheridan House. This boat provides an excellent discussion of the handling of all types of powerboats - including the special issues of maneuvering and handling a full-keel, full-displacement, single-engine boat such as the Krogen trawlers.

Boat Docking - Close Quarters Maneuvering for Small Craft, Charles T. Low -- lots of diagrams and great tips for docking both single- and twin-screw craft. Contact:
Harvey Island Enterprises
1275 Kensington Parkway, Suite 168, Brockville, Ontario Canada K6V 7E6
fax: (613) 342.0232

12.2 Magazine Articles

"Salty & Seakindly," Jack Smith, Yachting, December 1982, pp. 67-69. Discusses various trawlers, including Krogens.

"Design Portfolio: Krogen 42 Trawler Yacht," Power & Motoryacht, Feb. 1986. Specifically describes the Krogen 42 Trawler. Published around hull # 93

"True Grit - a 42-Footer Meant for Serious Cruising," Don Sharp, Power and Motoryacht, ???. Specifically describes the Krogen 42 Trawler. Published around hull # 100, probably in 1986.

"Krogen 42," Don Sharp, The Western Boatman, Nov.-Dec. ??? Published around hull # 117, probably in 1986.

"Little Ships That Could," Bob Armstrong, Power & Motoryacht, Nov. 1989. Discusses various trawlers, including Krogens.

"Tripping on LSD - as in Long, Slow, Distance," Bill Pike, Boating Magazine, October 1991. Discusses various trawlers, including Krogens.

"Home Afloat," Louisa Rudeen, Motor Boating & Sailing, Feb. 1993, pp 59-61, 88-89. Specifically describes the Krogen 42 Trawler, widebody variation.

"Is a Fast Trawler Still A Trawler? - The 8-knot crowd says pepped-up models leave true workboat values behind," Jim Flannery, Soundings, May 1993. Discuses various semi-displacement, high horsepower, trawler-style craft and contrasts them with the Krogen 42 and other full-displacement boats.

"The World is Our Back Yard, Husband, wife make their home in a seaworthy trawler," The Times/Beaver, Inc., Pennsylvania, Oct. 30, 1994. Describes the adventures of Krogen-Cruisers Members Bob and Elaine Reib aboard their Krogen Manatee, Snug.

"Boat Test - World Beater - Krogen 48: Knows Its Way Around," Mike Smith, Boating Magazine, Nov. 1994, pp. 89-90. Covers the 48' Whaleback.

"Trawler Yachts," Chesapeake Bay Magazine, February 1996. About trawlers in general, but the author must have been looking right at a Krogen 42' or 48' trawler as he wrote it!

"Wanderings: A former fire chief and his family blaze trails through the waters of Alaska and British Columbia," Stephanie Keefe, Sea, February 1996, pp. 59-61 and 73. The story of the Petruzziellos' 2-year cruise aboard their Krogen 42, Liahona, that began in 1993 and took them from Alameda, CA, to Bellingham, WA, to Juneau, AK, then on to Valdez, Seward, and Kodiak before crossing the Gulf of Alaska on the way back to the U. S.

"The Krogen 48 Classic - Kadey-Krogen's new long-distance cruising yacht - sometimes bigger is better!," Bill Parlatore, Passagemaker, Summer 1996. Covers the 48' trawler and makes a number of comparisons with the 42' trawler.

"Knockdown," Gary and Marianne Hertzberg, Passagemaker, Summer 1996. After 4000 miles of trouble-free cruising the Hertzbergs have a "tough" Gulfstream crossing in Cetacea, their Krogen 48' Whaleback.

"Building in that crucial stability," Roger Marshall, Soundings, June 1996, pp. A34 and A35,. An interesting discussion of stability (including things like GM) and why you don't want too much.

"Single or Twin Engines -- Which is Best?" Bill Parlatore, Passagemaker, Fall 1996, pp. 46-49. Some more excellent points to "ponder" in addition to the ones in my earlier Internet posting on the subject which is quoted above.

"Making the Switch From Sail to Power," Tom Neale, Power Cruising, February 1997. Although it doesn't discuss Krogens directly, it makes a number of excellent points to consider in selecting a cruising trawler.

"For the Love of Little Ships -- Why Boaters Choose Trawlers," Jack Sherwood, Chesapeake Bay Magazine, February 1997, pp. 47-55. Includes an interview with Krogen-Cruisers members Norm and Betsy Heller and photos of their Krogen 42, Serendipity, plus a photo of the Krogen 54.

"True to Form -- You can't choose a hull form until you know what the design is capable of doing," Kurt Krogen, Power and Motoryacht, July 1997, pp. 54-57 (original version). An article by the President of Kadey-Krogen Yachts that describes the hull shapes of the Krogen 42' trawler, the 36' Manatee, and the Krogen 49' Express. Includes some nice photos of the 42 Widebody, Huckleberry, and the 49 Express, Lucky Bee.

"Yesterday and Today," Louisa Rudeen, Motorboating and Sailing, July 1997. A review of Lucky Bee, the new Krogen Express 49.

"The Krogen 39: A Smaller Passagemaker That's Right on Target," Bill Parlatore, Passagemaker, Winter 1998, pp. 30-43. An extensive review on this new boat -- includes a number of photos of "Number One and discusses both outstanding features and a few minor criticisms.

"Through the Panama Canal: Making the Connection Between West and East Coast Cruising," Krogen-Cruisers members Dolph and Bev McCranie, Passagemaker, Winter 1998, pp. 70-81. The story of The Right Whale's (a Krogen 48 Whaleback) "adventure" from California to Florida with some super photos by Bev McCranie.

"Power -voyaging lineup: only a handful of vessels have the range to cross oceans," Georgs Kolesnikovs, Ocean Navigator, No. 95, November/December 1998, pp-70-71. Discusses the current production power vessels with range in excess of 1,800 nautical miles, including the Krogen 39, 48 Trawler and 48 Whaleback. (This issue of ON has two other articles of interest in a special section on Power Voyaging - "Roll Stabilization: Methods for keeping passagemakers on an even keel" by Earl Hinz and "Hull-form factor: the speed and range capabilities of power vessels are determined by hull type" by Roger Marshall.

"Go Anywhere - Krogen 42," Matt Gurnsey, Sea Magazine, September 2002. A nice summary of the Krogen 42 features. With only minor edits, it could JUST as well describe the new 44!

Kadey-Krogen Yachts has a nice list of articles that includes some of the above and many others.

Magazines with boat, cruising, and liveaboard articles of interest to Krogen owners include:

Passagemaker Magazine -- The Trawler & Ocean Motorboat Magazine is specifically devoted to trawlers and passagemaking. For info write PassageMaker, PO Box 147, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, call (888) 487-2953, or send email to: passagmakr@aol.com. A number of articles discuss Krogens and other full-displacement trawlers. Check them out on the Web at http://www.passagemaker.com.

Southern Boating ("the South's largest boating magazine")
1766 Bay Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-0700

Heartland Boating, ("Mid-America's premier boating magazine")
P. O. Box 1067
Martin, TN 382371067
(800) 366-9630

[CC temporarily suspended publication in 1997, but it is back in operation as of October 1998.]
Coastal Cruising ("The magazine of achievable dreams")
P. O. Box 7203
Bensenville, IL 60106-7203
(888) 656-6669

Chesapeake Bay Magazine (clearly focussed on the Chesapeake, but since it's a nearly ideal cruising grounds for trawlers, it's especially interesting)
1819 Bay Ridge Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403
(410) 263-2662
email for circulation: CBMcirc@aol.com

Southbound ("A newsletter about waterway travel")
131 East Water Street
Sandusky, OH 44870

Offshore ("The boating magazine of the northeast coast")
220-9 Reservoir Street
Needham, MA 02194
(617) 449-6204
email: oshore@aol.com

Mid-Gulf Sailing ("The sailing magazine of the South")
141 North Roadway
New Orleans, LA 70124

And, of course:

Living Aboard ("Official journal of the Homaflote Association")
141 North Roadway
New Orleans, LA 70124

Ocean Navigator ("Marine navigation and ocean voyaging")
18 Danforth Street
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 772-2466
email: 76452.3245@CompuServe.com

Cruising World (focused on sailing vessels, but most articles are directly relevant to cruising trawlers as well)
5 John Clarke Road
Box 3400
Newport, RI 02840-0992
(800) 727-8473