13 Where can I find used Krogens on the Internet?

Flash Alert: As a result of a number of factors (The new edition of Voyaging Under Power, the inception of Passagemaker Magazine, the inception of the Trawler-World (now called Trawler and Trawlering) mailing list on Internet (and the Power Cruising Website , as well), the growing number of "wannabe" members in the Krogen owners clubs, the outstanding TrawlerFests being held each year in Poulsboro, WA, Solomons, MD, Stuart, FL, & elsewhere and the cessation of production of new Krogen 42 trawlers), "previously loved" Krogen 42s have become VERY difficult to find (AND their prices rose more than 40% in one 4-year period! -- and leaving price guides like BUC way out of date, since many sales are private). I'm leaving the info below in place (even though some of it is pretty dated) because you *might* just get lucky, BUT plan on your search for one of the wonderful boats taking a LOT longer than you might think -- PLUS, it's likely going to take you to some faraway places!


Used Krogens are often hard to find, especially if you are looking for a particular set of options. Increasinglly however, Krogens are being advertised on Internet, both with and without brokers. Also, sometimes the clubs know of boats for sale. For example:

Point your World-Wide Web browser to the Soundings Marine Datanet website at http://www.soundingspub.com/ and search with the keyword KROGEN. Provides brief descriptions and contact information. Also try Mitchell's Yacht Brokerage at http://www.marineweb.com/task.acgi$GetBroker.14 or Taber's Other Boats at http://boatworks.com/taber/taber4.html. Checking out rec.boats.marketplace is a good place to start. Also, try searching the Web and Usenet for "Krogen" using Altavista, Google, or equivalent.

For perspective on how well Krogen trawlers hold their value, check out Larry Polster's "Appreciating Krogen" in a 2004 Krogen Newletter.

14 Where can I find folks shopping for a used Krogen?

For "Krogens wanted" ads point your World-Wide Web browser to Global Yacht Connection at http://www.waterviews.com/A-bulkhead/vessel.html.

Also, try the Trawler-Buy-Sell-Trade mailing list (free) to read some seven years of archives or to post your own message to list subscribers.

Or just Google Krogen trawler wanted or for sale.