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4628 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC 20007-1917
Phone: (1-202) 625-2262
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Finance & Audit


Financial Controller, PGI, Inc, Washington, DC, January 2000-present

Financial Controller, Intergraph España, S.A., Madrid, Spain, 1992-94

Senior Auditor, Ernst & Young, Auditores, Madrid, Spain, 1990-92

Senior Auditor, Lang + Associates, CPAs, Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A., 1985-90

Staff Auditor, Kyle & Company, CPAs, Washington, DC, U.S.A., 1984-85



High School Computer Lab Coordinator American Embassy School, New Delhi, India, 1996-present

Initially responsible for tutoring individual students in computers on an ad-hoc basis and supervising and maintaining the Computer Lab, which comprised 28 Macintosh PowerPC computers. On own initiative, expanded position :

Teacher, American Embassy School, New Delhi, India, 1997-1998

Taught 'Computer Studies', a required, one-semester, introduction to computers and various applications, in addition to duties as the HS Computer Lab Coordinator. As well as modules on word processing, spreadsheets, databases and graphics, the course covered using the Internet, computer ethics & intellectual property rights and other topics. In the second semester, introduced a module on webpages, replacing one on desktop publishing. In the Fall of 1998, a new faculty position was created specifically to teach the class.

Other Computer Experience

Throughout my career, I have used the computer technology available to me to the fullest extent possible. In the past few years, I have expanded on my experience as a computer user by becoming expert in HTML and by studying programming, first in Windows 3.1 (Delphi) and more recently using web-based languages (PERL, JavaScript).

Computer Knowledge-base


Certified Public Accountant
U.S. CPA Examination, Virginia, USA, 1983. Virginia CPA Certificate No. 11809. The U.S. CPA is the equivalent of the ACA qualification.
B.S. Commerce (Accounting Major)
McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA, 1983. Sufficient course-work for minor degree in History & International Relations, which degree was not offered by the McIntire School.



Citizenship: U.S.A. Eligible for Irish citizenship.

Languages: English (native speaker); Spanish (fluent); French (working knowledge).

Driving: U.S. and Indian drivers licenses.


I left Spain to join my Irish fiancée in Dublin, where we were married in June 1995. During my time in Ireland, I studied computer programming, on my own, and the Irish language, through Conradh na Gaeilge (the Gaelic League). I volunteered with the Dublin AIDS Information Hotline.

In September 1995, I transferred to India with my wife, who took up an assignment in New Delhi as First Secretary with the Embassy of Ireland. After arriving in Delhi, I studied programming and Hindi until I began work at the American Embassy School.

We moved to Washington, D.C., in Fall 1999, when my wife took up an assignment there as First Secretary with the Embassy of Ireland.


You can download my one-page Resumé or my four-page Curriculum Vitae, either in MS Word 97 format (approx. 35k each) or in Adobe PDF format (approx. 10k each):

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