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Well, I've basically done nothing with the website for around a year. What's new? I've started another job, just a week ago, with the Institute for Women's Policy Research iwpr_logo.gif 120x70. It's great! I'm much happier now, and maybe will have time to play around with this a bit more... april '01

Meanwhile, I have uploaded a few more pictures of Fionnuala, very recent pictures, which are on the fionnuala.gif 101x20 page. Aren't parents so terribly predictable? april '01

OK, at long last, by popular demand... some current pics of fionnuala.gif 101x20. Enjoy! may '00

An updated copy of my CV, and a new US-style resumé, are now up on my CV webpage, in either MS-Word or Adobe PDF formats. Thanks, Kendall, for PDF'ing it for me dec '99. And, in my recent job search, they've been updated again.april '01


my punctuality is well known, when the revolution takes place i'll be late and i'll be shot as a traitor, when the sun rises, i will not see, i regret nothing, it was worth it, going through life without a timepiece did pay off, my reward to be free...
-- the sugarcubes

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