Program ElphoFit 2.33

This update makes the program compatible with newer Macintosh computer using MacOS-X. The program will run in the Classic environemnt or in MacOS 9.x.

Program ElphoFit 2.31

Software for evaluating data derived from native gel electrophoresis of proteins, DNA, viruses, vesicles, conjugated vaccines, etc. Analysis is based on linear or nonlinear Ferguson plots [plot of log(mobility) vs. gel concentration].

Calculations use a physical model rather than empirical polynomial functions. A Newton-Gauss Marquardt-Levenberg curve-fitting algorithm and a mathematical approach based on the "random space walk of a particle through a fiber network" (extended Ogston model) is employed. The program is designed for scientific purposes; it was not the aim to create a 100% Macintosh-like interface. Only a few Mac features have been installed.

ElphoFit is freeware and was developed by Dietmar Tietz at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The program is user-friendly and provides lots of helpful comments.

Additional information on theory, rationales, features, data in/output and graphics is provided in the literature of this Web site and in the Readme files of the ElphoFit software package. Please address suggestions and further questions to:


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