Made With Macintosh Sigh... Made With Macintosh

Here I go again.

I've played with Java. Toyed with frames. Used animated GIFs. But in the end I come back to the "tried and true" methodologies. (Well all right, so I still employ the occasional animated graphic from time to time - I'm only human, after all). Ah, "feature creep" has afflicted me once again. I've added a touch of Java, and some more advanced HTML such as this

You are looking at a 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK430. Hotter than an acetylene torch, faster than a speeding bullet, smoother than oiled glass. 275 thoroughbred horses leap from 0-to-60 MPH in 5.9 seconds. 8-speaker Bose stereo, and a three-pointed star on the hood. It's mine -- and I worked for it!

What you WON'T find here are the things I find most irritating:

One of my goals, as such, is to have a high score as determined by Website Garage. Try them out:
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