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Alas, it's unfortunate that some marketing types coined the term "new age" to describe a form of music that, by its very nature, defies definition. After all, when you combine the modern-day sounds of electronic synthesizers with the droning of the ancient Aboriginal didgeridoo, what are you going to call it? Hence the term, "New Age." The long-term affect of this appellation has been derision and confusion; many people believe that New Age music is meant only to be listened to during meditation, mudbaths, or mystic activities. And while any of these activities may be appropriate for this type of music, it is my belief that music should be enjoyed for its value to the listener, whatever that may be.

Without further ado, then, I present a collection of links to sites on the Net that embrace the type of music I enjoy; music for a New Age.

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I am always looking for new links to add to this page. If you've come across a site you think deserves to be listed here, I certainly would appreciate hearing from you. (On a side note, I'm particularly partial to "minimalistic" sites -- that is, sites that go easy on the GIFs and JAVA stuff, and contain more content than glitz).

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