The "Best Of" photos from Salty Lady's 2001 Cruises - Part 1

Here are just SOME of our favorite photos from Salty Lady's 2001 summer cruises. As usual, we just "puttered" around the Chesapeake Bay -- see our summer '99 cruises for why we prefer this area to any others we've visited or heard about. So here goes.

The SULTANA is a historically accurate reproduction of an 18th century schooner originally used by the British Royal Navy to enforce the tea taxes along the coast of North America from 1768 to 1772. This is a photo we took of her as she made her way up the Chester River to her home port in Chestertown, MD. Click here to go to her Web site and learn more about her history and the project to build this reproduction.

The good ship Sultana

This is a photo contrails of orbiting AWACS and interceptors to the east in the morning sky above Langford Creek -- just six days after 9/11 when nothing but military jets were flying.


The Bay Bridge -- between the spans...

Bay Bridge

Boy, when Rio runs EVERYTHING else is a blur! This was taken on the sandy beach on Cacaway Island on Langford Creek near the seriousy beautiful Lankford Bay Marina.

Rio running

OK, so not ALL our beaches are beautiful sand - some are clearly ROCKS! Here's Rio on one of them -- ALSO on Langford Creek...

Rio on the rocks

Here goes Rio AGAIN! On yet ANOTHER fine beach!

Another shot of Rio Running

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