Cool stuff for your mac

The following is a listing of cool Macintosh utilities or applications or whatever that I think are cool or worth checking out.

Last updated: 12/14/96

To actually obtain these you may have to look elsewhere, although I've tried to provide links.

You can try the searchable Info-mac Hyperarchive Very nice for finding mostly any thing you know the name of, or for browsing other wise. .. although sometimes it takes a while before the latest and greatest stuff gets uploaded there.
You can get commercial software from the Cyberian Outpost.

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WAV is a cool application (actually its not an application) that really shows the promise and potential of opendoc far more than Cyberdog 1.2 alone ever did. Embedding web pages or any opendoc object within a wordprocessing document is cool!

Apple System Software

Open Transport/PPP 1.0 is available. Open Transport Native PPP. Pretty nice in my experience.
Open Transport 1.1.2 is also available. Provides power pc native (or 68k) tcp/ip networking and lotsa other nice stuff!
System Software 7.5.5 (system software) [System 7.6 at b6, and 7.7 at developer stage]
Apple's latest system software (the updater must be installed ontop of System 7.5.3 or later. Thus if you're using a version of 7.5 before 7.5.3 you must also get System Update 2.0 which requires you to already have some version of System 7.5. If you don't have any version of System 7.5 you have to pay money to get it) includes lots of up to date stuff from apple, performance and stability improvements, and is just plain nice so get it, and if necessary go to my cocaine page in the event that you have very obscure networking troubles (which apply to any version of 7.5).
of course... system 7.6 should be purchasable sometime in january
Latest Apple files



Multimedia (movies/sound)


Make sure you also check out stuff like Quicktime VR and Quickdraw 3D 1.5 if you haven't already from Apple.


some useless things that I don't always use, because they're....useless, but are worth at least checking out.


Control Strip Modules

Want more?

A fairly selective (limited) list of shareware is available at the University of Texas Mac Archive

This page is an updated version of a much older page I used to have.

The version numbers are listed. I try to keep these as up to date as possible. Please contact me at if any version numbers are not up to date or want to say something nice, or if you think I suck.

I couldnt possibly compete with the Macintouch page for bringing timely links to interesting things, or software Macintosh related.

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