Gardens Facing East

335 13th Street SE
537 11th Street SE
309 12th Street SE
527 11th Street SE
653 A Street NE

335 13th Street SE. This front garden proves that Lilac, Rose of Sharon, Daphne Carol Mackie and a huge blue lacecap hydrangea can still make room for tiny hosta, azalea, caladium in an urn, a blue metal sculpture of a man, and, low at the bottom, helleborus and primroses -- in a graceful circle where more is actually more.

537 11th Street SE. Mostly shade. Some tall, and some short plants make a tiny gem. The chartreuse groundcover is "Creeping Jenny", Lysimachia nummularia aurea.

309 12th Street SE. A variety of beautiful leaves underneath the dappled shade of a cherry tree.

527 11th Street SE. Golden Euonymous at the back, green and blue hostas in center, and pretty pink and yellow impatiens, coreopsis and black-eyed Susans down front. Contrasting leaf shapes and colors sustain interest.

653 A Street NE. Elegant corner facing North and East has an assortment of mature evergreen shrubs under two cherry trees. Considerable shade still allows for azalea, blooming hydrangea and day lilies.

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