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Expired Announced DX Operations: 2019

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Active/Upcoming Expired Previous Years
Expired Contest and Special Operations (1996+)
ArubaP42019 Jan222019 Jan30LoTWDL4MM
By DL4MM as P4/DL4MM @P40L; focus on low bands for EU AS JA; CW SSB FT8; QRV as SO in CQ 160m CW Contest using P40AA; QSL also OK via DL4MM (DARC Buro or direct), LoTW after 6 months
ArubaP42019 Feb102019 Feb15LoTWW1CQ
By W1CQ as P4/W1CQ fm IOTA SA-036; HF; mainly SSB; 1kw; QSL also OK via W1CQ and Club Log
Barbados8P9CA2019 Jan152019 Feb04LoTWTDDX
By KB8YRX fm Christ Church; HF, mainly 20m; focus on FT8; 1kw; vertical, Buddipole; QSL also OK via KB8YRX
BelizeV31JZ/p2019 Jan312019 Feb06NN7ANN7A
By NN7A fm South Water Caye (IOTA NA-180); 80-10m; mainly CW; 100w; wires; QSL OK via Buro or direct, also Club Log
BelizeV31MF2019 Feb112019 Feb19DJ8NUTDDX
By DJ8NU fm Maya Hill, Belmopan; HF; CW SSB; 500w; yagi + wire; QSL OK via DARC Buro or direct
BonairePJ42019 Feb042019 Feb10LoTWTDDX
By WW4LL NN9DD as PJ4/WW4LL and PJ4/NN9DD, repspectively; QRV for CQWW WPX RTTY using PJ4Z; QSL also OK via K4BAI, but LoTW preferred
BonairePJ4U2019 Feb042019 Feb11LoTWTDDX
By IK0PUL; 30-17m; 100w; vertical dipoles; holiday style operation
BruneiV84SAA2019 Feb082019 Feb18TBATDDX
By K1LZ JT1CO K1ZM KK1ZM PY5EG VK3FY LZ1NK KO8SCA S55M RN5M 9M6KOM RW9USA LZ2HM fm Istana Pantai, Tutong District; focus on low bands; verticals on 160 80m, 4-square on 40m; beachfront location
CanadaVO2AC2019 Jan222019 Jan27LoTWVE3FU
By VE3FU VE9CB VO1HP; fm Point Amour Lighthouse (Labrador, CQ Zone 2); for CQ 160m CW; focus on low bands, esp. 160m outside contest as VO2AC VO2AAA VO1HP, respectively; QSL also OK via VE3FU
CanadaVE22019 Jan222019 Jan29LoTWVE3DZ
By VE3DZ as VE2IM and UT3UA using VE2/UT3UA; CQ Zone 2; focus on 160m for Japan, Far East, and Oceania; inv L, Beverages; QRV for CQ 160m Contest using VE2IM; see Web for more details
Cape Verde IsD44TAQ2019 Feb172019 Feb22LoTWOPDX
By HB9HFD fm San Pedro, Sao Vicente I (IOTA AF-086); 40-10m; digital; 10w; Alex loop
Cayman IsZF2PG2019 Jan172019 Jan20LoTWAD1C
By K8PGJ fm Grand Cayman I (IOTA NA-016, EK99hh); 160-10m; QRV for NAQP SSB; QSL also OK via K8PGJ direct and eQSL
Chatham IZL72019 Jan172019 Jan29LoTW425DXN
By JA0JHQ as ZL7/JA0JHQ fm IOTA OC-038; focus on 160m CW and 6m FT8; also 40-10m; CW FT8; QSL also OK via JA0JHQ direct
Costa RicaTI52019 Feb042019 Feb13LoTWAA1M
By AA1M as TI5/AA1M and W1USN as TI5/W1USN; HF; CW SSB, some digital, perhaps FM satellite; QSL also OK via AA1M, W1USN respectively (Buro or direct)
DominicaJ79GEA2019 Feb062019 Feb15OE3GEATDDX
By OE3GEA fm Calibishie; 40-10m; CW; 100w; Outbacker and 40m dipole; QSL OK via OE Buro or direct
DominicaJ792019 Feb122019 Feb19N4USADXW.Net
By KK4WW as J79WW as J79WW and KK4WWW as J79WWW fm Wotten Waven; mainly 20m, perhaps 40m
EcuadorHC1MD2019 Jan182019 Feb07LoTWK8LJG
By K8LJG; 40-6m; CW SSB FT8; 100w; Windom, 6m Moxon, Outbacker vertical; QSL also OK via K8LJG
EthiopiaET3AA2019 Jan162019 Jan18N2OOTDDX
By K4ZW fm Addis Ababa; hope for improved low band noise reduction thanks for DX Engineering
FinlandOG10X2019 Feb072019 Feb10Club LogOPDX
By OH2BH G3TXF OH2GEK PG5M fm Inakari I (NEW IOTA EU-192); 80-15m; CW SSB; log search on Club Log; QSL also OK via PG5M
French GuianaFY2019 Feb082019 Feb17DK9PYDXW.Net
GalapagosHC8GET2019 Jan132019 Jan25OE3GEATDDX
By OE3GEA fm Santa Cruz, Isabela, San Cristobal Is; 30-10m; 100w; Outbacker, dipole; holiday style operation; QSL OK via Buro or direct
GreenlandOX2019 Feb092019 Feb21SM3UQKDXW.Net
By SM3UQK as OX/SE3A fm Ilulissat (GP49kf, west coast); 40 20m; QSL OK via SM Buro or direct
GrenadaJ32019 Feb042019 Feb16LoTWTDDX
By G4HSO as J3/G4HSO; HF; mainly CW; 90/10w; end-fed wire; QSL also OK via G4HSO Buro, EA5GL direct, Club Log
GuadeloupeFG2019 Jan142019 Jan31F6ITDTDDX
By F6ITD as FG/F6ITD fm Desirade I (IOTA NA-102); 80-6m; CW SSB + digital (incl FT8); 400w; dipoles; will use TO7D during contests; operation to continue until Mar 13
GuamKH22019 Jan292019 Feb04LoTWDXNews
By JE2EHP as K1HP/KH2 fm IOTA OC - 026; 80-6m; SSB CW FT8; QSL also OK via JARL Buro and Club Log
IranEP2C2019 Feb092019 Feb10EA5GLDXW.Net
By Alborz DX Club; 40 20 15m; SSB CW; 30w
Israel4X0M2019 Jan042019 Jan06IK2DUWTDDX
By W8HC 4Z5FI 4Z4KX 4Z4AK 4Z5LA 4X6HP 4Z5IW 4X6YA 4X4DZ 4X1VF fm Masada; 80-10m; CW SSB; 2 stations
KyrgyzstanEX0DX2019 Jan012019 Jan09LoTWTDDX
By HB9DUR fm Bishkek; 40 20 15m; FT8; 100w; vertical; QSL also OK via HB9DUR Buro; QRV fm Dec 30, 2018
Mariana IsKH0TG2019 Jan012019 Jan01JL1UTS Direct425DXN
By 7L3PFH fm Tinian I (IOTA OC-086); 160-20m; CW SSB
MartiniqueFM2019 Feb112019 Feb18OE3GEATDDX
By OE3GEA as FM/OE3GEA; 40-10m; CW; 100w; Outbacker and 40m dipole; QSL OK via OE Buro or direct
Mauritius3B8VB2019 Jan292019 Feb09UA4WHXTDDX
By UA4WHX fm Cap Malheureux (IOTA AF-017); HF; CW SSB + digital; PayPal OK for QSL
MayotteFH2019 Feb162019 Feb22UA4WHXDXNews
By UA4WHX as FH/UA4WHX fm IOTA AF-027; HF; CW SSB + digital; PayPal OK for QSL; end date uncertain
Monaco3A2019 Feb152019 Feb18LoTWTDDX
By EA4NF as 3A/EA4NF; 20m; 5w; end-fed dipole; also satellite
MyanmarXZ2B2019 Jan122019 Jan31JE2QIZ DirectDXNews
By JE2QIZ; 21 MHz and up; CW; 25w; wire; license expires Jun 1, 2019; include 1 IRC or 2USD w/ QSL request; QSL: Dr Akio Taguchi 155-33 Higashi-Matsuyama Seto Aichi 489-0069 Japan
OgasawaraJD1BMH2019 Jan012019 Jan02JD1BMH BuroDXNews
By JG7PSJ fm Chichijima I (IOTA AS-031); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via JG7PSJ direct; QRV fm Dec 17, 2018
OgasawaraJD1BLY2019 Feb152019 Feb17JI5RPTJI5RPT
By JI5RPT fm Chichijima I (IOTA AS-031); 630-6m; CW SSB + digital (630m will be JT9); QSL OK via JARL Buro or direct, also eQSL; Twitter updates
PalauT88PB2019 Jan252019 Jan28LoTWTDDX
By JA0JHQ; focus on 160m CW; QRV for CQ 160m CW Contest; will watch 6m FT8 during daylight offtimes; QSL also via JA0JHQ direct: Nobuaki Hosokawa, 1458-25 Okagami, Asao-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 215-0027, Japan; LoTW preferred
PalauT88DT2019 Feb152019 Feb20LoTWTDDX
By JH1OLB; 160-6m; SSB CW + digital; QSL also OK via JH1OLB (JARL Buro or direct)
PanamaH33J2019 Jan132019 Jan31LoTWHP3AK
By JN1RVS HP3AK HP3SS WA6YJW fm Volcan, Chiriqui (EJ88qs, @HP3AK); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY FT8; focus on 160m FT8, 1.908 MHz simplex FT8 for JA; QSL also OK via JA1HGY and Club Log
Papua New GuineaP29VCX2019 Jan312019 Feb02Club LogDXNews
By G3KHZ SM6CVX K5WQG fm Manus I (IOTA OC-025); 40-15m, perhaps 160 80m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via SM6CVX direct
PeruOA2019 Jan172019 Feb14LoTWTDDX
By PA3GFE as OA4/PA3GFE; 30-10m; CW + digital; QSL also OK via PA3GFE (Buro or direct)
PhilippinesDU32019 Jan222019 Feb13LoTWTDDX
By VE3OI as DU3/VE3OI fm Subic Bay; 40-15m; mainly CW, some FT8; QSL also OK via VE3OI (Buro or direct)
ReunionFR2019 Feb122019 Feb16UA4WHXDXW.Net
By UA4WHX as FR/UA4WHX; HF; CW SSB + digital; PayPal OK for QSL; end date uncertain
Rodrigues I3B9VB2019 Jan302019 Feb07UA4WHXDXNews
By UA4WHX fmIOTA AF-017; HF; CW SSB + digital; PayPal OK for QSL; end date not specified
Rwanda9X2AW2019 Jan182019 Feb13LoTWTDDX
By DF2WO fm Kigali; focus on 160 80 60m; CW SSB RTTY FT8; hexbeam, verticals; also WJ2O w/ his own call; QSL also OK via N2ZN
SeychellesS79AA2019 Jan052019 Feb02LoTWTDDX
By OE6MBG fm Baie Lazare and Anse Boileau; 160 80 40 20 15 10m, perhaps 6m; CW SSB; 400w; wires, verticals, perhaps a yagi for the high bands
SeychellesS70VB2019 Jan192019 Jan26UA4WHXOPDX
By UA4WHX fm La Digue Island (IOTA AF-024); HF; CW SSB + digital; PayPal OK for QSL; end date not specified
Sierra Leone9LY1JM2019 Jan092019 Jan21LoTWDXW.Net
By F4AJQ F1ULQ F2DX DL3GA F4DLM F5TVG ON4QX ON7RN fm Banana I (IOTA AF-037); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY PSK FT8; 4 stations; QSL also OK via F5GSJ and Club Log
Sint MaartenPJ72019 Feb102019 Feb15LoTWOPDX
By VA3QSL as PJ7/VA3QSL fm NA-105 (WLOTA 0711); 40-6m; CW SSB + digital; 100w; Buddipole; possibly also fm FJ Feb 16-17
Somalia6O1OO2019 Jan212019 Feb06EP3CQDXW.Net
By EP3CQ; HF; QSL: Ali Solhjoo, Via Siacci 12, Rome, 00197, Italy
St Kitts & NevisV47UR2019 Jan082019 Jan20LoTWTDDX
By W3UR N3OSH fm Calypso Bay (@V47JA); 160-6m; 100w; verticals; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via Club Log and W3UR (preferably via Buro)
St LuciaJ62019 Jan082019 Jan25LoTWTDDX
By G4HSO as J6/G4HSO; HF; mainly CW; 90/10w; end-fed wire; QSL also OK via G4HSO Buro, EA5GL direct, Club Log
St LuciaJ62019 Feb082019 Feb13LoTWTDDX
By NG7E as J6/NG7E and NC7M as J6/NC7M; RTTY CW SSB + FT8 (check 7.077 MHz fox/hound mode); QRV for CQ WPX RTTY contest
SvalbardJW1QH2019 Feb082019 Feb11LA1QHDXNews
By LA1QH; 80 20m; SSB; 2m; FM SSB
VanuatuYJ0AFU2019 Jan012019 Jan08LoTWTDDX
By VK4AFU fm IOTA OC-035; 160-6m; mainly FT8, some CW SSB; 100w; G5RV, inverted L; QRV fm Dec 25, 2018
Vietnam3W9ND2019 Jan012019 Jan05LZ1COMDXW.Net
By LZ1COM fm Hoi An; 20m; QRV fm Dec 30, 2018
VietnamXV92019 Feb042019 Feb18LoTWTDDX
By SP2FUD as XV9FUD and SP2GCJ as XV9ZT; CW SSB + digital; 500w; yagi; QSL also OK via SP2GCJ (Buro or direct)
Vietnam3W9CJ2019 Feb112019 Feb15TBATDDX
By JE1STF fm Hoi An; 160 80 40 30 20 17 10m; CW SSB RTTY FT8; 100w; longwire; QRV local evenings
ZimbabweZ22VC2019 Feb192019 Feb20LoTWDXNews
By SP7VC; HF; end date unclear; QSL also OK via PayPal and SP7VC direct

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