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For more than three centuries, men have been working the clam and oyster beds, the fishing grounds, and the crabbing spots before the sun rises on the Chesapeake Bay. Now, with the continuing threats of restrictive government regulation, development, and pollution, the traditional culture of the 11,000 people who still make their living on the Bay could be in jeopardy. Sunup to Sundown conjures memories of a different time, the same as the great pioneer adventures in our country. Through wonderful photographs, poetry, essays, and interviews, you'll live with the people of the Chesapeake, and share their thoughts and concerns about the future of their way of life for their children.

Sunup to Sundown: Watermen of the Chesapeake will help to preserve their communities and culture, too, through the donation of a portion of the royalties to the Maryland Watermen's Association, a nonprofit organization formed to protect the interests of the people who live off the water of the Chesapeake Bay.