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graphic image: 'Lao Zi' in Chinese caligraphy

I'm a big fan of "The Old Boy" ( Lao Zi ) and wu wei ( doing nothing ).

graphic image: Monarch butterfly on a buttercup

I've been a member of any number of dream groups and have been doing DreamWork for a long time now.

graphic image: Navajo sand painting

I love Tony Hillerman's Navajo mysteries.

And to me it seems that the Dineh's ("the People's") search for hozho ("being in harmony with one's surroundings") is an invaluable model for achieving happiness and health in our modern society.

graphic image: cartoon of Tux (Linux logo penguin) and family

I took an unusual route to get there — I'm not an IT professional; I have never even taken a course in computer science — but Linux has been my primary desktop operating system since 1995. I love it.

graphic image: Wrigley Field (Chicago) The Baltimore Orioles' logo The Washington Nationals' logo

I'm a sports fan(atic) too.

I played basketball, touch and flag football, tennis and golf and I love the thrilling beauty of the Appalachians. I've climbed Mount Washington (in the White Mountains of New Hampshire) several times and by several trails, enjoy hiking and camping in western Maryland, the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina, as well as whitewater rafting on the Cheat (near Albright, W. Va.) and the Youghiogheny (the "Yough," near Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania). And, seeing as how I've lived in the Washington, D.C., area all of my life, I'm devoted to the Redskins [our professional football team].

But most of all, I love baseball. IMHO, it is, simply, the most marvelous sport ever devised. Just recently (in the summer of 1997), after years of promises (to myself), I made the drive to Cooperstown, New York, to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. I did it alone and I'm glad, because I would not have wanted to try to explain to anyone else all of those tears streaming down my face.

graphic image: The McLean House (site of Lee's surrender to Grant)

This is another place which always makes me weep:

sketch by 'Bab' (W.S. Gilbert) of Lord Chancellor dancing with two of his wards in 'Iolanthe'

And here are a few sites about some folks who always make me smile:

graphic image: a cameo of Jane Austen in silhouette The Republic of Pemberley: Jane Austen left for us six novels — four published in her all too brief lifetime — filled with wisdom and warmth and humor and passion and unforgettable characters.
graphic image: photo of Ray Charles seated at a piano and singing into a microphone RayCharles.com: Ray Charles taught me how to play the piano. From the first moment I heard "Hallelujah! I Love Her So," probably around 1955, I knew this was what music was supposed to be and proceeded to spend endless hours making certain that I could play every riff he played on every single one of his Atlantic recordings. On the day he passed my brother and my sister each called to ask if I was okay. I was. Sorta.
graphic image: photo of Mahatma Gandhi The Official Mahatma Gandhi eArchive & Reference Library: As a child there was no question in my mind who the greatest person in the world was: Mahatma ["Great Soul"] Gandhi. Today there is no question who the greatest person in my lifetime has been.
graphic image: 'Bab' (W. S. Gilbert) sketch of scene from 'Patience' The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive: It seems impossible that our laughter is as raucous a hundred and twenty-five years after the premiere of H. M. S. Pinafore as ever. W[illiam] S[chwenck] Gilbert was surely the greatest comic librettists to write in English.
graphic image: photo of 'Dizzy' Gillespie in performance Dizzy Gillespie Homepage: John Birks Gillespie ("Dizzy" as he was known far beyond the jazz world) was, with saxophonist Charlie "Yardbird" Parker, pianist Thelonious Monk, guitarist Charlie Christian and a handful of others, creator of "bebop," the dominant school of jazz after WWII. He was also a tireless civil rights worker, a U.S. Presidential candidate, a Bahá'í and a brilliant and cordial man.
graphic image: photo of Lorenz Hart Lorenz Hart: Far and away my favorite lyricist. His words to "My Funny Valentine," my personal favorite "Spring Is Here" and at least two dozen other Rodgers and Hart songs are in a class by themselves. Only Mr. Hart could be so witty and so poignant at the same moment.
Kermit the Frog looking into mirror to tie his necktie seeing reflection of Jim Henson tying his necktie Jim Henson: What a magnificent talent. What a magnificent soul!
graphic image: photo of Billie Holiday singing The Unofficial Billie Holiday Website: "Lady Day." 'Nough said.
graphic image: photo of Gene Kelly Gene Kelly: An American Life: Gene Kelly is who I wanted to be when I grew up. An American in Paris is one of my favorite films, but my glee at first seeing him dance with Jerry (the mouse of the Tom and Jerry cartoons) in Anchors Aweigh was boundless and I adore the scene where he sings "Singin' in the Rain" (in the movie of the same name).
graphic image: sketch of the Strigiphilus garylarsoni owl louse Toonopedia: The Far Side: Like what must certainly have been half of all American refrigerators, mine was decorated with panels from Gary Larson's The Far Side for most of the duration of its all too brief run.
graphic image: photo of Maya Lin Maya Lin was a twenty-one-year-old college undergraduate when she was awarded the commission for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. I find everything about her amazing.
graphic image: comic strip panel showing characters of 'The Boondocks' Aaron McGruder: Nobody has ever been able to piss me off the way Aaron McGruder pisses me off. But, then, nobody has ever been able to make me laugh the way Aaron McGruder makes me laugh. I s'pose it's a good trade. Now all I can say is: Please, Mr. McGruder, we want more!
Pooh, Eeyore and Christopher Robin prepare to catch Tigger who has jumped from a high tree limb Pooh Corner: I've only directed three plays in my life. One was A(lan) A. Milne's one-act "The Ugly Duckling."
graphic image: photo of Rosa Parks Rosa Parks: An unknown 42-year-old from Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, outraged and defiant following the recent murder of Emmett Till, helped to change forever the United States of America.
graphic image: photo of Andy Razaf Andy Razaf: Never heard of him? I am embarrassed to admit that neither had I till very recently, but we both know "Honeysuckle Rose," "Memories of You," "Ain't Misbehavin'," "Gee, Baby, Ain't I good to You," and "(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue." And Andy Razaf wrote the wonderful lyrics to each of these and many other standards.
graphic image: Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson's baseball career was a powerful and straightforward statement putting a lie to all racist rubbish. Besides, he was the most exciting ballplayer I have ever seen.
graphic image: MisterRogers tying his shoelaces Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Mister (Fred McFeely) Rogers was a most welcome guest in our home throughout the years when our children were young.
John (our counsellor) John (our counsellor) Milford Sandy Steve Maury at ten years old Maury at ten years old Steve Billy Billy Dan graphic image: Maury at ten years old with bunkmates of his summer camp cabin

Oh, by the way, here I am — front row, center — while at Camp Takajo, Naples, Maine, in the Summer of 1950.

graphic image: photo of Maury's grandaughter Lane graphic image: photo of Maury's grandaughter Jocelyn graphic image: photo of Maury's grandaughters Lane holding Meg graphic image: photo of Maury's grandaughter Amanda graphic image: photo of Maury's grandson Will

And these are Lane, Jocelyn, Meg, Amanda and Will. My grandchildren!

graphic image: butterfly on a log (logo of Uncarved Recordings) graphic image: ASCAP member logo

Much to my amazement a little over twenty years ago I started writing songs.

I had performed other people's music since I was a youngster. (I was hired for my first gig when I was in eighth grade. I was paid in Coca Colas and a free admission.) But creating my own songs came as quite a surprise. Now I'm a member of ASCAP and my first CD was released about a year ago.

I love LibraryThing.

graphic image: screenshot of Bob's blog, 'News & Weather from Vleeptron' graphic image: screenshot of 'Elmer Elevator's Discount Prep' menu page

My "baby" brother, Bob,  is   was  is back on the World Wide Web big style.

He is certainly the most gifted and fascinating person I know and his site  is  was, not surprisingly, entertaining and chock full of stuph guaranteed to appeal to anyone who reads, uses 'puters or just enjoys being human in the early years of the Twenty-first Century. So is his new blog!

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