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The story of my life.... Well, we currently live in Washington, DC, where I'm from. We just moved here, at the end of the summer, and have moved into a house in the city. Oh, "We" are my wife, Aingeal O'Donoghue, and I. I'm an accountant. Aingeal works for the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, and has just taken up a posting as First Secretary with the Embassy of Ireland in Washington, D.C. Great stuff, eh?

so, what's yer life story, peter?

Hmm... let's see...the nickel tour...

Born in 1959 in Lebanon, technically one of the last babyboomers, though I never felt like one. My dad was in the US Foreign Service, so we moved around a lot: Beirut, Lebanon; Saudi Arabia; Cairo, Egypt (starting school now); Washington DC; Rabat, Morocco; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (though at the time it was Upper Volta); Switzerland (boarding school); then back to DC. Finished high school there, and entered the University of Virginia in 1977. Six happy years there (well, 5 plus a leave of absence half-way through). Joined Sigma Nu fraternity (Beta Chapter), and ended up living in the House my last three years at UVa. Graduated with a B.S.Commerce (Accounting) in 1983, and have pretty much been working ever since. Take a look at my Curriculum Vitae.]

Passed the CPA exam in 1983 (guess the McIntire School at UVa is OK!), started work with Kyle & Co, a small audit firm. Two years there, then moved to Lang + Associates, P.A., CPAs. Bigger. Nice place: good people, interesting work, room for growth. I'd have stayed on but for wanderlust, so.... four+ years later, in 1990, I moved to Madrid, Spain, to Ernst & Young. Lot bigger! Two audit seasons there, and I was ready to move -- auditing was losing it's interest... Joined Intergraph Espaņa, S.A., also in Madrid, as Financial Controller. Worked there for two+ years, then quit for love.

I moved to Ireland "on spec", as you might say, on July 18, 1994, 4 years and 3 hours after I arrived in Madrid. You could have lived on what we were spending in airfares. Anyway, it turned out to be a wise move -- I proposed that November (Aingeal's father called it "a step in the right direction"), and we got hitched on June 23, 1995. That was a busy summer: no sooner did we return from the honeymoon, than we had to start packing for India where we spent almost 4 years (ulp! how time flies!).

For the first year or so here, I spent a bit of time learning to program (more BASIC, then PASCAL), reading, getting into BBSing (again) and the Internet (hey!), making friends, oh, and looking for a job, did I say that? Just when I'd about given up, I found a job (though not what I'd been looking for, ain't that just life?), working at the American Embassy School here, in the High School computer lab. Great fun, and I've picked up a few skills. In fact, my second year I was even teaching a class, Computer Studies. Taught one first semester, and in the spring I had two sessions. Both part -- the lab and the teaching -- are a lot of fun, but the teaching didn't continue, as there was a new computer teacher my last year there.

Now we're back in Ireland, in Kinsale, Co. Cork, where we've been all summer. We just had a little girl, Fionnuala, so I'll no doubt be putting up a bit more information about her! Now, we're off to the US in a few days, after the summer here.

what's the story with aingeal?

Aingeal, since you're curious, is 37, from Coachford ("near Macroom"), Co.Cork, Ireland (though her parents recently moved to Kinsale, where her mother is from). She went to university at University College Cork ( UCC), studying law. What can I say? She's pretty, smart, fun, likes to travel, elegant, and has a good sense of humour. Left to her own devices, she'll go through murder mysteries by the pound.

whaddya like to do, bucko?

I read a lot, literature, science-fiction, history, mysteries, and humour. Like to watch movies (the video-recorder ranks right up there among great inventions of the 20th century, in my book). Listen to a lot of music, especially jazz and blues. Like to eat and to cook, though in truth I don't do much of the latter these days. Need I mention computers and the web?

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