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I recommend trying the software that I use, if you're still hunting for something you like. It's largely Win95 stuff.

Most of this is done using 40tude HTML (formerly 1-4-All v.2.1), by the eponymous Marcus Monnig of mmsoftware and tested with Opera's browser. The menus are in a free (but ©) font from dincTYPE <www.girlswhowearglasses.com>, and, along with any other original graphics, were created with Paint Shop Pro v.5.01. Most of the pictures were scanned at work, after hours, on a VistaScan flatbed scanner and processed with PhotoShopv.5.02 on a PowerMac (unlike the rest of the s/w). The CSS bits were made easier by the freeware PrimeStyle v.1.21 by Joseph Hardy (there's a shareware version 2.x out now, too, but I've largely switched to doing my CSS by hand).

All shareware mentioned was registered (unless noted), and I'd like to encourage you do the same for a few of your favorite programs. Or find some freeware.

In December '99, I redid all the labels, making sure they all were done the same and rationalizing their palettes. The palette change significantly reduced filesizes (e.g., 1139 bytes to 374 bytes, ok that's just big as a percentage...). Still, the pages should load a bit quicker.

Valid CSS! I'm using more (and validated) CSS, with a separate stylesheet now (prbstyle.css), and plan to expand the use of CSS on these pages substantially. For those of you with older browsers: the pages should degrade fairly gracefully, but not perfectly. Sadly, CSS implementation isn't perfect yet. Opera 3.6, while not perfect and only supporting CSS-1, is the best at handling CSS, IMHO; I'm looking forward to version 4.0 and CSS-2 support...

Valid HTML 4.01! HTML 4.01 is now 24-dec-99 a W3C recommendation. As of 2-jan-99, all these pages are valid HTML 4.01 Transitional according to the W3C validator.

Opera Software These pages are best viewed at 800x600, but should look OK at any screen resolution. They will probably work best in Opera 3.6+, Netscape 4.x and Explorer 4.x. Oh, and this should all look fine in Lynx (at least, it did in Lynx W32 in a DOS window on Win95...).

One final note: the vanity URL and email are from Mailbank.com and the pages themselves are being hosted partly by my dad, Pierce K. Bullen, on his webspace at His.com, though now that HIS gives us 10 megs, I'll probably just fill up both our webspaces with more photo travelogues.

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