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These are a few web sites (or bits of sites...) that I've put together. Where possible, I've linked to the original pages, but they might not be the same anymore. Click on the screenshots for larger versions (800x600). Drop me an e-mail if you're interested in having me do some work for you; I'm good with HTML 4.0, CSS.

screenshot of menubar version

PRB Pages, circa January '99

For a while, I was enamoured of the menubar on the left, and designed five of them. The current content isn't much different than it was then, other than a lot more travelogue pictures. Sadly (or not so sadly, in fact) I don't have any older versions of my pages...

I did have a bit of fun playing around with the patterns, but having so many, and so different, patterns made the links hard to see consistently (or, made the links not always the same color). Either way, I wasn't happy with the links, only with the borders. 

menubar version of homepage menubar version of homepage menubar version of homepage menubar version of homepage


AES Homepage screenshot

Another AES screenshot

American Embassy School, Spring '99

I basically designed the entire website, and it developed slowly over time. It's primarily a content-driven, static set of pages, though once I set up the guestbook and began putting up the HS newspaper (The Talons' Post) on the web there was a bit more active content. Eventually, students from the Publications class took over The Talons' Post pages, most significantly Markus Walther in the '98-'99 school year. I stopped maintaining it when I left India (and, perforce, the school); last time that I checked, M.C. Mohan, an administrator, was maintaining the current AES webpages.

The other page shown here has another of the various backgrounds that I used for a while during 1998.


Moving to Delhi homepage

another 'Delhi...' screenshot still another Delhi... screenshot

Moving to India? November 1998

I started this sort of accidentally, and finally decided it might be useful. I've gotten a fair number of compliments on these pages, mostly on the content, from people who were moving to Delhi.

The basic layout never really changed, other than breaking it up into a number of different pages as having it all on a single HTML page was just getting unworkable. I dabbled with putting it into some database, automating it, but it didn't warrant the effort.

I had it on my pages, then moved it to the AES pages (where it may, or may not still remain). I don't know if anyone is maintaining the current version, as I basically stopped about 6 months before I shipped out. Link rot must be setting in by now.

Again, these pages were fairly static, in this case just annotated links, so a fairly straightforward (boring?) layout seemed called for.


Talons Post 09-98

Talons' Post September 1998

This was one of my rare uses of frames, which I don't like in general and had been avoiding for some time as most people in India only had "Shell" access, no TCP/IP. It looked nice, I thought.

I also moved to a two-column format, using an idea I got from the IRS (of all people): repeated vertical pictures of a horizontal rule (the HR tag) as a separator.

Finally, a bit of CSS let me have real drop-caps, too, but only on more advance browsers.


AES Homepage screenshot

Another AES screenshot

American Embassy School, January '98

I'd started at the school in the Fall of 1996, and had made over the website, first just adding little things like proper HTML formatting, a minimal amount of layout, etc., and moving up to background images, better layout, adding more information, like the admissions page.

I was trying for a clean, uncluttered look, easy to navigate. No fancy stuff -- in my view, too many school sights are full of waaaay too much flashing animated gifs, java programs that crash (or crash Windows), etc. The AES sight was, pretty much, viewable on any browser, from Lynx on up, without even any CSS. BTW, the homepage to the left there was my very last update, logging on over the summer.


Talons Post 10-97

Talons Post 10-97 Talons Post 10-97

Talons' Post October 1997

The Talons' Post is the newspaper of the High School at AES. I started out with an index linking to each article, but that got a lot of complaints, people didn't like having to use the 'back' button on their browsers. Frankly, it was a bit clunky.

Eventually, students took the Talons' Post over, first Vikram Jain and then, the next year, Markus Walther.


screenshot of Embassy of Ireland, New Delhi pages

another screenshot of Embassy of Ireland page another screenshot of Embassy of Ireland page

Embassy of Ireland, circa September '96

These pages were never put up on the web. I did them more for the hell of it than anything. The pages were never really finished, frankly, so they're not much to look at. I didn't know much, really, or didn't have the tools. Transparent images?


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