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Hokay! Here's a real vanity page! Links to Bullen homepages the world over! India! USA! UK! Australia! South Africa! Sweden, even! (Sweden? Wha'?) If you're one of the bullens, e-mail me at my vanity e-mail address: Peter@Bullen.com and I'll add your homepage to Bullen Central, even if you're from Utah! (Just a joke, because there are heaps o' Bullens in Utah!)

Actually, while I did start this as something of a lark, I've continued to maintain this rather silly (if innocuous) page as it leads me to some interesting pages. Not necessarily award winning stuff, but a few, now... a few were fascinating. Periodically, I run into another, just often enough. I've added a lot of new pages lately [aug-99], thanks to www.alltheweb.com, and was so impressed with some of the additions that I 'penned' the few words in this paragraph.

One site, Transcript of Bullen, 12/10 1998., finally answered the question: what does "Bullen" mean in Swedish? And the susinctly named Bullen features pastries...

Bullen is a show for teenagers. Its name doesn't make any sense: "the bun". We in Sweden have been able to watch it on Mondays for more than ten years, and its current show hosts are Minoo Bigner and Rickard Olsson. They always have interviews with pop- or rockstars, but they almost never ask normal interview-questions, like "How did you come up with your name?" and "What's this song about?" This show was about jealousy...

news from bullens, world-wide

A friendly, if rather brief, e-mail [dec-99] from Ken Bullen in Queensland, Australia points us to the newest addition, Ken Bullen's Geneology Home(R) Page. Great place, Queensland -- I enjoyed myself immensely when we were in Australia and New Zealand over Xmas / New Years 1998-99.

Putting up a paragraph on Ken (see above), I happened to check the Guestbook and found a nice note from Johnnie W. Bullens, out in Kentucky, with a link to his Johnboy's Airplanes-N-Things Home, from back in August-99. What's an "s" among friends, eh? Sorry for the delay, Johnnie! I gotta check that Guestbook more often!

A new Bullen domain just came to my attention [dec-99]: www.bullen.co.uk, from the Bullen Consultants, Ltd. Also this month, a friendly e-mail from Mike Bullen "from a town called Pickering (near York)" (but no URL). Thanks, Mike!

In June, 1999, we had some additions from a friendly e-mail from Sam Sampson on Stewart Island, New Zealand, who tipped me off about author Frank T Bullen: Cruise of the Cachalot, which Sam calls "THE whaling classic!" and The Sea Waif, both of which are available as e-texts on-line. Thanks, Sam! Another addition is Geo.V.Bullen & Son Insurance. Good old Geo.V. has got to be a relative, as I had a great-(great?)-grandfather George, also from New York.

I also recently ran across the Bullen Family Genealogy Forum, one of the many family-oriented message boards on GenForum, and the Bullen page on SurnameWeb. I'm not that into it (despite having this page), but you might be.

There's another URL on bullen.com, with the addition of Paul Bullen from Chicago, Illinois. No, I don't own shares in MailBank, just like the idea!

Today [21-mar-99], came an e-mail from Gary Allen Bullen out in Pahoa, Hawaii, when I'd only just updated this page. Gotta fit in a Mahalo back to Gary! Also just got a long e-mail from Cheryl Bullen, way down on the south Texas Gulf Coast in Corpus Christi, with some fascinating stuff about her father-in-law, Elza Bullen [3/99] and Mike Bullen, Cheryl's husband. A few months ago [11/98], Joseph Clarence Bullen II dropped me a line from Japan, and says that there're "a lot of us Bullen's in Rockcastle County, Kentucky", and, best of all, a few e-mails from another Peter Bullen, a philosopher in West London, UK.

Also last year, yet another Peter Bullen, an analyst from Australia, left a note [06/98] on my guestbook. Thanks, Peter! Another Carl Bullen, from Liverpool, wrote in [5/98] with his URL. In April '98, Karen Bullen wrote in about another family of Bullens in Massachusetts, USA (no webpage, though!), & I received an e-mail from a Peter K. Bullen! Keep 'em coming!

Less recently, I got e-mails from Ben Bullen in the USA [3/98], and from Paul Bullen [2/98] (brother of Mark Bullen, who wrote in to say hi recently too ). Back in 12/97, we got e-mails from Canada and the UK, including one from Mark Bullen whose dad is one of the fine Peter Bullen's listed below. Thanks, Mark!

One of these days, I have to form the dream-partnership of Bullen, Cullen, Mullen & Pullen...

peter bullens

Surprisingly enough, there are other Peter Bullens out there...

In addition to the Aussie Peter Bullen, the Brit Peter Bullen and Peter K. Bullen (see above), there's the Peter Bullen at the Univ. of British Columbia, and me, of course. Still, a not-so-recent-anymore [3-may-98] search on Four11.com, WhoWhere.com, SwitchBoard.com and BigFoot.com revealed a plethora of Peter Bullens, in Wanaka (New Zealand), in the UK (the one who wrote?) and (from the USA) in Penngrove and Petaluma, CA, Sparta, WI, Beachwood OH and Santa Rosa CA. (There had been still another in Houston, TX (USA), but he's disappeared from the listing. Sniff. Cheryl said he may be in Corpus now...)

We could form a club! Or, better yet, let's not and say we did!

my family

Only known relatives need apply! And we're thin on the ground. You've basically got my brother Kendall and me online.

We've also got an almost-homepage, in the mention of my late grandfather, Ripley P. Bullen, at the Univ. of Florida Caribbean Archaeology page. (Granddaddy was head of archaeology at UFla for many years. He's been gone quite a while now, but we all miss him. Incidently, the "R" in my name is for Ripley.)

the big list o' bullens

Here they are, in alphabetical order (those in italics couldn't be reached last time I tried):
  1. Andrew Bullen, Wigan, UK
  2. Carl Bullen, Liverpool, England, UK
  3. Carl Bullen
  4. Chris Bullen
  5. Chuck Bullen, West Sussex, England, UK
  6. Daniel Bullen, Associate Professor
  7. Daryll Bullen, Memphis TN, USA
  8. David Bullen, Hamilton, New Zealand
  9. Doug Bullen, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA
  10. Eddie Bullen, Toronto, Canada
  11. Prof. Frank Bullen, Queensland, Australia
  12. Frank Bullen's Web Zone
  13. A. Graham R. Bullen, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  14. Jason K. S. Bullen, Canada
  15. James Bullen, Hong Kong
  16. Joseph Bullen, Canada [still there, but has 'faded into a silly memory']
  17. John Bullen, Australia
  18. John Bullen, aka Mr. Showbags, Australia
  19. Johnnie Bullens, Carterville, Kentucky, USA
  20. Joseph Bullen, Newfoundland, Canada
  21. Joseph Bullen, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
  22. Dr. Julie Bullen, Oxford, England, UK
  23. Kane Bullen, Australia
  24. Ken Bullen, Queensland, Australia
  25. Maria L. Bullen, Georgia State University, GA, USA
  26. Mark Bullen, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  27. Mark Bullen, Toronto, Canada
  28. Mike Bullen, UK
  29. Paul Bullen, Chicago, IL, USA
  30. Paul Bullen, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  31. Peter R. Bullen (that's me...)
  32. Peter Bullen, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  33. R.A. Bullen, Bath, England, UK
  34. Robert M. Bullen, C.P.A., Baltimore, MD, USA
  35. Sally Bullen, Geneva, Switzerland
  36. Sam Bullen, UK
  37. Sarah Bullen, Principal Harp, New York Philharmonic, NY, USA (this page was still up on 22-July-98, but I'm informed that she's playing with a different symphony now)
  38. Simon Bullen, Australia
  39. Stuart J Bullen, London, England, UK
  40. Sue Bullen, Australia
  41. Thomas A. Bullen, M.D., Folsom, California, USA
  42. Brother Thomas Gerald Bullen
  43. Winnie Bullen, UK?
  44. Welcome to Bullen, Sweden
  45. The Bullen Homepage, Central New York, NY, USA

bullen companies & mysterious sites

I renamed this page to Bullens-R-Us after seeing the Roadkills site! It's grrrreat! Visit RoadKills-R-Us and support satire.

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