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* [Kendall] Well, gotta give a ref to my ever lovin' bro Kendall.

* [George and Sali] My ole pals George & Sali Gelestino have a page up with some nice pics of their kids. Their record business Vinyl Ink is doing well. Check it out.

* [AES] I also maintained the website for the American Embassy School, New Delhi, where I worked for the past few years. As of now (Nov.'99), it's still mostly all my work, though they have made a few changes.

Opera! The browser that was made for you! Opera: my favorite browser. It actually is smaller, faster, more configurable. And it's got the best and most complete CSS-1 implementation that I've seen. I like it!

As for the rest of y'all... well, drop me an e-mail & I'll add your homepage to my little list!
But, as my ever lovin' bro says, it's "Pretty sad when friendship gets reduced to URL-dom, isn't it?"

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