sanchiaugust 97 peter r bullen

view from Udaigiri Caves last photo... travelogues / photos After Heliodoros' Pillar, we went on to the Udaigiri caves, which seemed quite popular with local tourists, partly because they are very interesting and partly because of the great views, as here on the left. The land was so green that time of year, just towards the end of the monsoons, that you felt anything could grow.

The caves, unfortunately, were closed as it was Indian Independence Day, but we had a great view of the area, and there was a big picnic in progress (hard to see, but it's right in the center of the picture). A huge group of school children, with their teachers, were walking to the caves; we passed them on the way and left just as the first were just starting up the steps carved out of the living rock.

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