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(Frequently Asked Questions about Krogen boats - last updated November 13, 2006 -- new names and email address for joining Krogen Cruisers. As for updates for the rest, also December 9, 2001 -- Added some new historical info on Hartge's Yacht Yard, Salty Lady's "home." Also, some photos of "Number One, Mike Ford's KK39 trawler. AND our "Best Of" photos from Salty Lady's summer '01 cruises. January 23, 2002 -- Anastasia III's prize-winning outfit was added just below.) November 13, 2006 -- A number of updates & additions -- new links to text and images of magazine articles about Krogens old & new; a new name with updated link to the Trawler & Trawlering list and 8 years of archives of both the T&T list and its predecessor, TrawlerWorld, list; an update to FAQ Section 9.6) Parallel Docking a Single-Screw Trawler with a Spring Line... which describes a simple method for parallel docking with a 90-degree approach; and a link to and my comments on an excellent article on maneuvering large, single-screw boats.

Please send additions/comments/corrections/suggestions/encouragement to:, bearing in mind we're often cruising so it may take a few to reply.

January 23, 2002 -- Keith Lemmons sent us two photos of his Krogen 42. One is below -- click here to see the other one. His email read: "This was from the 40th annual Christmas Boat Lane Parade in Clear Lake, TX, just south of Houston. This is "Anastasia III," a 1986 KK42, hull #99. We won the Jack Campbell Memorial award for "best overall" in the parade." Congratulations Keith!

Anastasia III!

August 31, 2001 -- Click here to read Mike Ford's Mexico Cruise report from the decks of KK39, Number One. Then check out his latest update for us on the characteristics of the KK39 -- see FAQ Section 4. Be sure not to miss the photos of "Number One" that Mike sent us.

May 8, 2001 -- Oh my, I have a HUGE apology to make to the folks who've been following my suggestions/corrections for backing a Krogen trawler into a tight slip (see Sections 9.3 and 9.4 in the FAQ index below). The directions are fine -- as far as they go -- BUT, I forgot to include one VERY IMPORTANT part. DON'T try to back your Krogen Trawler into a slip WHILE DRIVING FROM THE PILOT HOUSE! GO UP TO THE FLYBRIDGE HELM! Here's why... Visibility aft from the Pilot House of the Krogen Trawlers is quite limited -- OK for checking traffic behind and keeping an eye on range markers, but not the best for backing into tight places. HOWEVER, visibility aft from the FLYBRIDGE is EXCELLENT! Now, if you're thinking, "This guy is nuts, I can't see the stern at all because the view is blocked by the upper deck," relax. YOU DON'T NEED TO SEE THE STERN! Why? Because the after part of the boat is DIRECTLY BENEATH the upper deck. Instead of maneuvering the stern, you simply maneuver the UPPER DECK! Not only can you see MUCH better, you don't need as much "direction" from your crew as to what to do AND you probably won't need walkie-talkies, etc., because you can carry on a pretty good conversation through the open hatch -- if any is needed at all, since you can really see most of what your crew is doing anyway. I sure hope this helps! Again, to any who may have been confused about this procedure, PLEASE accept my most humble apology for the inadvertent omission!

Below is a photo of Stu and Marie Henry's KK 42 #166, Free Spirit V, in front of a glacier in Glacier Bay, AK. Altogether they spent 3-1/2 months cruising from Sydney B.C. to Alaska and back. They highly recommend the trip to anyone looking for a pleasant way to spend a summer and said they can't wait to return!

KK 42 Free Spirit V in Glacier Bay, AK

Thanks for the picture folks! Me? I think I'll stick with beaches, blondes, and bikinis....

After a great deal of thought and subsequent dawdling, I've added a tempting tidbit of the Winter 2000/2001 Krogen Cruisers' Newsletter to help folx decide to GO AHEAD and join this AUGUST GROUP! Click here to read it! This is just a tiny sample of the dozens and dozens of pages in each issue covering what owners do with their boats and tips to make operation and maintenance of these boats a LOT easier! JOIN NOW! -- and be sure to get the BACK ISSUES as well -- they are CHOCK FULL of things EVERY Krogen owner will want to know!

In December 2000 Maurice Nunas (KK48 Whaleback AKAMA) announced a new electronic discussion list available to all Krogen Owners. Sign up by clicking on the following link: Click here.

To whet your whistle for signing up on this list, here's a feature article posted to the list on Krogen Electrical Systems -- AND some of the followup discussion... Note the above link will give you access to list archives from September 2005 on.

I finally got around to adding some photos of the device (called a C-hook or Magic Stick) we use to easily drop a docking line over a piling up to 10 feet away from the boat. Click here to see how we do it.

FLASH! Instructions on how to tie a bowline -- quick and easy like have been added. Click here to read the words and watch the demo!

Here's our very own Krogen 42, Salty Lady, dressed for the 4th of July in 1996 and waiting for the fireworks at Oxford, Maryland!

This is our very own Krogen 42, Salty Lady, on the 4th of July.

Here's another shot of Salty Lady. This time she's sporting her new satellite TV tracking antenna on her way to Chestertown in the summer of '98. That's the Admiral on the foredeck...

This is another shot of  Salty Lady -- on her way to Chestertown.

Yet another shot of Salty Lady. Now she's at cruisn' speed and on her way to Saint Mary's City in the summer of '99. This year she's sporting her SuperMax anchor and new radar!

This is another shot of  Salty Lady -- on her way to St. Mary's City.

Click here to read about our adventures during the summer of '99 -- and the exploits of Rio Vann, our newly adopted Chihuahua! Here's his picture -- taken when he decided the neatest place on our boat was in the middle of my cap in a sunbeam on instrument panel. Doesn't he go well with the teak? Captain Rio Vann -- a micro dog with a macro "attitude"... Yo Quiero Cruising!

Our new child...

The Admiral went in to the photo shop just before Christmas 1999 to get some copies of this photo to include in our cards. The clerk took one look at it and said, "Wow! That's one of our FAVORITE photos!" Huh??? Turns out they make an extra copy of the shots they really like and post them in the back by the machine! This is one of them! Cool!

In early 2001, we "splurged" and got one of those "new-fangled" digitable" cameras. As you might suspect, we took THOUSANDS of photos on our Summer '01 cruises. Click here to see some of the very best of '01!

North to Alaska! An adventurous Krogen Whaleback, the Right Whale - among the icebergs (thanks to her owners, Dolph and Beverly McCranie):

This is a Krogen 48 Whaleback in Alaska.

To read the fascinating and detailed story of the McCranie's decision to sell their home, buy the Right Whale, move aboard, and go a-cruising, click here.

To read their about their exciting 7-month-long trip aboard the Right Whale from California to Florida through the Panama Canal, click here.

For their report on their trip to the Abacos, click here. Below is another photo of the Right Whale -- taken in the South Anchorage at Warderick Wells Cay in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. That would be Capt. Dr. Dolph standin' by his dinghy...

The Right Whale in the Exumas.

Along the same lines, the following poem was sent to me from Florida in early '97 by Joe Pehoushek, KADAKA, a 1987 Krogen 42, hull #125.

A small boy heard the ocean roar,
"There are secrets on my distant shore
But beware my child the ship's bell's wail,
Wait not too long to start to sail."

So quickly come and go the years
And a young adult stands abeach - with fears.
"Come on, come on," the ocean cussed,
"Time passes on, oh sail you must."

Now it's business in middle-aged prime
And maybe tomorrow there'll be time,
Now is too soon - it's raining today.
Gone, all gone - years are eaten away.

An old man looks out, still feeling the lure
Yet he'll suffer the pain than go for the cure.
The hair is white, the step's with care.

So all too soon the secrets are buried
Along with him and regrets he carried
And it's not for loss of secrets he cried
But rather because he'd never tried.

A few years after reading this, Joe retired. "We sold all of our shoreside possessions and went cruising..." Unfortunately, Joe didn't remember the author's name. Footnote: Joe's moved back shoreside now, but extends his hospitality and opinions to all Krogenites.

For another Krogen Trawler Travel Tale, click on this link. It's a report on KK42 SABO's trip south in the fall of '98 along the east coast ICW from the Chesapeake Bay to F-L-A (along with her crew of Sandy and Bob Erskine and SABO's favorite (large) dog Bear!) and how she met new KK42 friends Rumba, Mystic Moon, Renaissance, and Moby Dick along the way. Good reading! WARNING, some of the navigational details are WAY dated now, but it's STILL a good read! Here's another log of SABO's travels -- this cruise was through Canada's Lake Country.

Now it's on to the FAQ! (but don't forget to check out the other info farther on down THIS page!)

Click here for the complete Octover 22, 1998 text version of The Krogen FAQ (it's about 99K). A more current, hypertext version follows below if you'd prefer. Enjoy!

Note: Use your browser's "back" button to return to this page after following the links.

The following topics are addressed in the FAQ:

Introduction and Disclaimer

    1)  Overview of some of the Kadey-Krogen production boats (see their website for the newer ones)
    1.1)  36' Manatee
    1.2)  38' Cutter
    1.3)  39' Trawler
    1.4)  42' Trawler
    1.5)  48' Whaleback
    1.6)  48' Trawler
    1.7)  54' Trawler

Sections 2) through 8) provide the following details for each of the above:

    N.1)  Technical Description and Features
    N.2)  Production History and Variations
    N.3)  Operating Characteristics and Discussion

    2)  36' Manatee
    3)  38' Cutter
    4)  39' Trawler
    5)  42' Trawler
    6)  48' Whaleback
    7)  48' Trawler
    8)  54' Trawler

    9)  Some General Information on Krogen-like Boats (including single-screw maneuvering)
    9.1)  Full-displacement Boats - A Comparison With Other "Trawler" Types.
    9.2)  Single Engine or Twin? - Some More Comparisons
    9.3)  Backing A Single-Screw Trawler into a Slip -- Springing a Pile.
    9.4)  Backing Her In -- with Dignity and Grace!
    9.5)  Maneuvering the Single-Screw Trawler: The Art of "Goosing" to Make 360 Turns
    9.6)  Parallel Docking a Single-Screw Trawler with a Spring Line...
    9.7)  An excellent article on single-screw maneuvering, with my comments
    9.8)  Choosing a Slip: On Port or Starboard?  And Going In Pointy End First...
    9.9)  Lassoing a Piling -- A LONG Way Away!

   10)  Ritual Cocktail

   11)  The Owners Clubs

   12)  References on Krogens and Other Trawler-Related Topics
   12.1)  Books
   12.2)  Magazine Articles 

   13)  Where can I find used Krogens on the Internet?

   14)  Where can I find folks shopping for a used Krogen on the Internet?

   15)  The Company
   15.1)  Krogen Dealers/Brokers
   15.1)  Previous Krogen Dealers/Brokers

   16.1)  Who put this FAQ together?
   16.2)  How can I contribute to this FAQ?
   16.3)  May I distribute this FAQ?


Folks keep asking about how paravanes are installed on a Krogen 42. Here's a picture of Oleana (a '91 model) to give you the idea of what the rig looks like. Oleana's a unique boat with many slick features, including Aquadrives and soft engine mounts on both her main engine and her get-home engine to make her VERY quiet.

Olean and her paravane rig.

Some of our good Krogenite friends aboard their Krogen Manatee, Just Us Two, headed for a rendezvous near St. Michaels, Maryland!

Krogen Manatee, Just Us Two.

Here's a post to the trawler-world list from one satisfied Manatee owner who truly loves his boat! Click here to read it!

Still want to learn MORE about trawlers??

If you'd like to learn more about trawlers in general (and the the things their owners like to learn about), I suggest you check out Trawler & Trawlering web site. If you you'd like to go further and "meet" some trawler owners "on-line," sign up for the Trawlers and Trawlering list. (It's an email discussion list that operates a lot like a newsgroup.) You'll find the directions for doing this at this site. There're quite a few Krogen owners subscribed to the list, so it's a good spot to ask some questions and get a variety of answers (at least, when they're not "off cruisin'")... Finally, I highly recommend you attend one (or more) of the Trawler Fest events put on annually at Poulsboro, WA, Solomons, MD, now Stuart, FL, and other places. Not only are these great places to see a lot of new and owned trawlers, but the seminars for trawler captains and crews are superb -- especially valuable to folks with many, many questions about these boats and the possible life-style change they invite.

Another Krogen 42 at anchor:

Another Krogen 42 photo -- this one at anchor.

Would you like to read one couple's account of their first charter experience aboard a Krogen 42?

Ken Ferguson and his lovely and gracious first mate Gail shared their story on the Trawler-World-List in February 1998. Just click here to read it!

Here's 5% of all the Krogen 42s in the world -- ALL in a row!

Ten Krogen 42s -- all in a row...

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